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Early April 2022

Antique America

The fun and friendly gal who runs the antique & estate treasures shop in my town is back in the antique-saddle again. She was forced to buddy-up with a partner second-hander during the past two years of pandemic mayhem with commerce, purely for business survival.

She’s recently unhitched her treasure-wagon from that partner, or, as I told her, my prayers were answered. (Where a pushy, opportunistic broad, muscling in on the successful turf of a highly professional business-woman was concerned.)

California is not roaring back from the scamdemic. Depending on where the Golden Stater lives, the roaring-back reality is optional. Here, in my redneck neck of the woods, the courageous customers and the capitalist merchants are taking those bare-imbecile-shelves and filling them with merchandise made in the USA.

Antique America in my town consists of quality and quirky finds from a profitable, dynamic America. What precisely is Antique America?

Any time before the outsourcing of America began in the 1990s.

We’ve gone from outsourcing jobs to outsourcing bio-labs!

The truly marvelous vintage wares hearken back to an epoch when Americans cared about America, and so did the CEOs and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (formerly known as Wall Street and Main Street). Now that We the People and We the Patriots know the fuller truth about the crony and creepy traitors in our midst, we can set about to cleaning up the present through investing in the past, before even that nest-egg gets bare-shelved by the empty heads in the U.S. government.

This morning, I decided to go Cadillac-wandering down the road in search of some used furniture. I’d been looking online for a dictionary stand, with repugnantly laughable results! My ancient unabridged dictionary does not need a collapsible music stand, made in collapsible Chi-na!

It was grand to once again step inside that rather unusual building, a one-story structure, with a floor that steps down into another room (that contains all the really good wooden furnishings). It had been nearly two years since I’d perused the myriad dusty discoveries. There’s much less dust now!

My eyes were immediately drawn to the shelves filled with Fiestaware. I’ve got new, old, and in-between Fiestaware. This double-handled bowl, of unique and classic design, can easily accommodate salsa or chopped tomatoes in summertime.

I then went on the hunt for the wooden dictionary stand. Not a thing to even suggest a furnishing of that function, but I did pause and reflect on the disco balls adorning a metal urn of some sort.

Another few steps and I found the bargain of the day!

A narrow, small chest of drawers, constructed of oak, with a veneer. The secondary wood looked to be poplar, due to the pistachio nuance and the musty smell. This piece of furniture is definitely vintage, most likely from the 1940s. Ah, pre-Baby Boomer home decor!

I opted not to purchase the suitcase perched atop ye olde chest. I’ve got several hard-shell vintage suitcases that I scooped up during the past decade. This wooden storage unit shall house a wealth of art supplies that I very decisively and insistently bought online during the past two years.

“The costs of those materials are going to go through the roof,” I predicted during the spring of 2020.

I am not prophetic, nor am I cynical. There were undeniable signs of the first rotten rumblings of runaway inflation in America, starting during that momentous summer of 2020. America, and the world, today can enjoy the stinking fruits of the anti-labour, anti-human globalists who went bonkers that summer and have yet to return to sanity. I doubt they will. There’s a point past which the mind and the soul of a hate-filled person are irredeemable.

What is redeemable, extremely redeemable, is Antique America. Antique America was, and is, a state of mind. It’s a state of being that refuses to give up on the future.

I’ve long loved out-of-date objects, beliefs, and customs, from any nation. Those things with history are made to last. They were not merely used in the past; they speak of times past that have not really passed us by. There’s infinite life in any tangible piece of the moments that were; those moments are also yet to be. Those existing beauties deserve a second life, for they offer life anew to whoever believes in their magnificence, in their newer use for a fuller and pristine purpose.

Obsolete articles: I am fascinated by their history, their cornucopia of culture, their abundance of character, their insistence on individuality, their romance, even their redolent aroma! I have always been a 100% for-real, genuine antiquerdecades before the Antiques Roadshow went on the road to tv-ratings-success. A large factor in my quest for the old was due to economics:

a poor girl couldn’t buy new, so she purchased from the past, and quickly came to prefer it.

Years later, my treasure trove finds during the late 1990s were prompted by my refusal to hand over hard-earned dollars to any vendor for the cheap Chinese crap that started flooding the harbors of America during that supposed era of peace and prosperity.

When you believe in a ghastly, sick myth, one that gluts itself through emotional blackmail, financial extortion, and the smearing of works of the Lord with low-minded urges and venal appetite, then you’re, in essence, bankrupting your own inherent self-worth, and stupidly corrupting your soul.

When you believe in a hearty, healthy myth, one that has stood the test of time, because it is rooted in virtue, in honor, in dignity, and in the high-minded desires of men, women, and children to live in freedom and to aspire to the nobility of goodness, then you are, without a doubt, investing in the quality of your own person, and wisely enriching your soul.

Antique America is a place where the person of the first kind cannot be found; for he soils the very soil upon which he stands. The person of the second kind feels very much at home in Antique America, because she senses the future in the past. That patriot knows, with instinct, intuition, intelligence, and imagination, that a timeless antique such as the U.S. Constitution will prevail over the puny pathetic pieces of paper of modernity.

And the patriots will vanquish the stooges, puppets, dupes, and pawns who tried to eradicate all that is good and glorious in America, and in other magnificent nations of the world.

As for my dictionary stand, my gal-pal is contacting her contacts, and will be contacting me! Electronically, of course. I do accept calls on the digital device, but only the brave need try.