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A Little Levity

Summer 2018 Fun:

Cartoon Comics

Into everyone’s life a little rain — and a little levity — must fall. In the midst of chaos there’s a laugh just waiting to happen!

During my years as a technical writer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, I kept on my work desk a framed duo of cartoon strips. One of the funnies was by Frank and Earnest. A salesman was explaining to potential buyer the beauty of the tape recorder: “It records verbatim.” I still own those framed cartoons; I keep them on my writing desk.

That very literal redundancy, dear Reader, pretty much summed up the fix I was in with engineers and their writing!

Later, in Suburbia, I kept each year a calendar on my desk, a weekly planner from THE FAR SIDE. At times, I felt as if the far side was being reached. One of most hilarious cartoons featured Mother Hen, baking a cake, and in need of another egg. She was eyeing her own eggs with dire desire!

Presented below are some of the most humorous comics from Bizarro whose work is always worth a belly laugh, a thigh-slapper, and a guffaw. They are appropriately categorized by subject matter.

My many thanks to Dan Piraro for laughs beyond measure!