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7 August 2021

Chaos Theory

For a creative type like myself, who excels, and even enjoys, creating order from chaos, the chaos theory of California State Politics has given me no end of conflict, consternation and downright confusion.

We’ve got a jungle primary and a free-for-all ballot for the Recall, a buyer’s remorse process that is becoming a tradition in a state whose party lines are almost set in concrete. Not the inadequate concrete of the spillway of the Oroville Dam, that hellacious chunk of cement without enough rebar poured under the governance of Daddy Brown Sr. Oh, no, the Jerry-mandered districts will need an electoral earthquake to get that rocking and rolling shakeup that the natives here love so much.

With redistricting, the seats are all safe; the citizens are not.

As a native of New Jersey, I carry with me a distinct disadvantage in expecting a political party structure that somehow functions. I have come to realize that my perception of that reality is very outmoded. I am in danger of dating myself with the expectation that political parties in any state of America are alive and coherently operating on some level other than chaos.

Firstly, let me state that I vote largely for the personality and the nature of the person running for elective office. I also take into serious consideration the verified achievements of the candidate, as opposed to the Governor Liar method of fabricating avowed accomplishments by almost 700%.

I always have been, and I probably always will be, swayed by the personality component in the political landscape. But, sometime during the 1990s, political candidates, in California, and in the United States, began to lack any true personality. An image for the campaigning narcissist was therefore slickly fabricated for mass consumption; and I do still wonder how much of those hideously contrived “portraits” were fully believed.

The cookie-cutter phoney photocopy of reality was arrived at through highly-paid Pollsters, Experts and Consultants. In an America that became increasingly devoid of industry, in a personal and in a profitable, capitalistic sense, that putrid path to political power eliminated any and all roads to finding a Leader in our midst. And, then, when the Leader did emerge, the power-brokers made sure he didn’t get elected, or stay elected.

Henry Ford’s interchangeable parts that revolutionized the auto industry and the assembly line became the swap-em-out system of shoving only the debauched dullards up the greasy pole of politics — in not only the United States, but in Europe, Canada, the UK: wherever there are gobs of money to be pilfered from the public trust.

I ask you:

Have you ever seen Gavin Newsom and Justin Trudeau in the same place at the same time?

They’re Interchangeable Idiots, the whole lot of them.

They take orders from their globalist overseers, but cannot make a decision to save their own political lives. The corporate pigs who choose these poltroons must be starting to count the coins they’re losing because of them.

Do not expect the rights of humanity, or any Constitution, or a sense of decency to change the swinish minds of the men and women who have run the election boards, from city to county to state to federal levels. Only a drastic hit to their dastardly bottom lines will alter their amoral power game that puts at the bottom of the heap a free America.

Those Chief-of-State dumbos consist of ape-like rage-a-holic thugs, star-struck narcissists, and control-freak nerds who believe they are upward bound (The White House). My methodology has thus become severely constrained by the paucity of real people, a person with a conscience, standing in front of the cameras and the mikes, mouthing platitudes and promises that no one believes.

During the 2003 California Gubernatorial Recall, I did not sign the petition. I opined, quite clearly and consistently, that the voters had just held an election in November 2002; they were going to have to live with the consequences of their stupid actions. The recall, despite my logical objections, took place anyway!

My initial choice on that ballot was not Ahn-hold, who turned out to be a fraud. My strongest inclination was to vote for Cruz Bustamante. He was refreshingly honest; and he really is a family man, unlike Family Man Newsom whose definition of pair-bonding challenges even the most non-judgemental of thinkers in San Fran, people who do not, in fact, exist.

Sure, Cruz looked sleazy, but his was an honorable sort of corruption. I mean, a guy who would go on to fight Jerry Brown’s energy plan is already in the right kind of pocket!

The White Power Political Structure in California talked a lot of “brown”, but then selected only the White Man, particularly the one named Brown, to run, to further entrench that obscene oligarchy. Those career shysters weren’t having any part of letting a token get elected to the State House. And so it was with a disappointed sense of compromise that I stood in line at the voting precinct, and I cast the vote for Arnold.

My enormous problem, a conflict that I do not seem able to resolve on my own, is that while I understand the progressive thrust of The Recall, I cannot accept the need for it to begin with. With the Gray Ghost, the timidly smiling hunk of chinless indecision known as Governor Davis, this corrupt cretin had just been re-elected! Yes, Simple Simon, Bill Simon, was the chosen Republican lamb to that slaughter.

That non-native, from New Jersey, managed to make the feckless and anal-retentive Davis look passionate (about education) and Mr. Passion got re-elected. Then the levers got pulled to recall the Gray Guy, and the fate of the future of a free California was sealed.

With Governor Gruesome — a known commodity if ever there was one — the people who voted in 2018 for the creepy jerk, they ought to have to live out their ballot choice.

For whatever reason, thwarting the will of the liberal voter met with a ferocity that has stunned the Democrats in this state. The non-Democrats have gotten used to the futility of their votes; ergo, this recall has been a populist grass-roots response to arrogance on display every day.

The Recall Petitions have been ongoing since the first one in August 2019. There have been as many Sabotage-the-Recall Petitions as legitimate petitions. Last spring, summer, fall, and winter, the Newsom emergency-power lockdown edicts were designed to lock-up-the-voters to prevent anyone from actually going OUTSIDE his house to sign the proclamation of emancipation of this state.

Citizens of the captive Golden State can contemplate this captivating poetic justice:

The final tally of more than 1.71 million verified signatures on the last, of several, recall petitions far exceeded the 1,495,709 verified signatures needed to trigger a statewide recount.

That one, and only, successful petition that could not be, yet again, tossed out by the Democrat Secretary of State — was the 100% mail-in petition for recall.

The peasant citizens learned something from the COVID Election Year of 2020!

Just as was the case with the Gray Davis recall, I did not sign any of the recall petitions for that Gift of a Governor, Gavin, who is more of a booby prize, a complete blockhead, the runt nephew of a delusional power-drunk aunt. And he’s the scapegoat, the victim of partisan politics!

It’s been my observation that the liberals in this state are the ones foaming at the mouth to get rid of this pompous punk. The recall petitions were EVERYWHERE. I had to focus hard to avoid the sight of them, during the summer of 2019, the winter of 2019, the spring of 2020, the summer of 2020, the autumn of 2020, the winter of 2020, the spring of 2021, even this summer of 2021.

COVID-4EVA and Lockdown Forevermore are the just rewards for letting Gavin Christopher Newsom anywhere near public office.

But — he’s a 4th-generation San Franciscan!!!

I don’t care if he’s a direct descendant of Ishi. He knows absolutely nothing about the Californians, and the California of today. He knows only how to preen and pose and pity himself and spite everyone else. He’s a pathetic excuse for a Governor, and a despicable dupe who gets his kicks humiliating others, especially women.

With enthusiasm, compassion, and frustration, Dear Husband has attempted, repeatedly, to explain to me the real reason why the Recall appeals so very much to the citizens of California:

“Given the suffocating lack of actual choice on the ballot by all political parties in the State of California, the voters PREFER to pick the Governor from a list of 45, 55, 65, 75+ names on a special historic list of potential loonies. The All-comer Method feels like true democracy in action!”

A structured, logical and reasonable person like myself, albeit with highly creative talents, shudders at this uncontrolled scenario. It’s anarchy!

The only way that this entire fiasco in the franchise can appeal to me is if I accept it as chaos theory, and leave it up to The Higher Power. Moses and the Burning Bush feel a bit more real to me after weeks of the Dixie Fire, followed by the too-close-for-comfort River Fire.

Recalls help me to recall the 10 Commandments a whole lot faster, and with nearly perfect recall of other catastrophes that I’ve had to survive. I think, at times, that not having grown up in earthquake territory does not work to my advantage, especially whenever I confront the unpredictable vastness of the world known as California.

Dear Hubby and Dear Children are all Natives, unlike myself, and Gray Davis, who’s from the Bronx. Confidentially, I think that’s where it all went wrong for the inept guy who ran on “Experience Money Can't Buy.”

Evidently, that slogan, at last, rang true.