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Mid-September 2021

Commando Karen

I am embarrassingly awful in my knowledge of Canada, its provinces, its cities, and the capitals of those provinces. Predictably, I confuse the city for the name of the province, i.e., Ontario is the capital of Ottawa. The fact that each proper noun starts with “O” does not assist this auditory-learner one little bit.

No slight is intended by this American, who is a native Northeasterner, toward that rare and beautiful land to the north of the U.S.A. I must admit, however, that when I lived in the East, I’d already concluded that the country of Canada, and its future liberties, and, thus, its future, had been significantly done-in by Père Trudeau. When Trudeau fils, feckless, reckless and narcissistic beyond belief, got swept into the Top Job, I figured, correctly, that Oh, Canada, was in for a hellish ride; not a bumpy one, but a careening course in survival.

If I am obtuse about my neighbor nation to the north, I am even worse about that Land Down Under. I am quite aware, as a result of my Scots-Irish heritage, that the island and the continent of Australia started as a penal colony. In 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip set sail from Portsmouth, with 11 ships of convicts, for that wild and untamed island. The lead ship, HMS Supply, arrived in Botany Bay of the Tasmanian Sea, debarking the men of forced-labour who would start the colonization of that land.

The present population of Australia is believed to be of more cultured stock. I’m hoping that rebel strain has not been entirely wiped out through a cosmopolitan coddling of the will, a noxious cross-breeding of freedom with fear that might imperil the survival skills of any human being to live-free-or-die in a severely forbidding land.

I’ve long believed that the original intent and nature of a region or place remain there, and are extremely difficult to replace, exchange or root out, even with more recent inhabitants and industries. The founding penal colony of Australia is thus exhibiting new signs of its old life.

In the same manner, the small Dutch town in which I grew up in northern northern New Jersey, established by narrow-minded and parsimonious Calvinists, eventually went the way of housing one too many Islamic trouble-makers; and is currently inhabited by people who consider that town, as well as the entire upper half of New Jersey, a bedroom community for New York City.

I’ve known and interacted with quite a few individuals who fled the States for New Zealand and/or Australia. During the 1990s, the Clinton Co-Presidency drove the most libertarian of Californians to leave their homeland for that Commonwealth on the bottom half of the earth. Even the Golden State had become too repressive for these rugged individualists, and this time frame was the 1990s!

One individual was a doctor, a dermatologist, who viewed the encroachment of his civil liberties as a professional physician and as an avid sportsman to be — intolerable. New Zealand, with its progressive retirement system, beckoned him. I wonder today how he’s doing with all of that progressivism.

The 21st Century Intolerable Acts are now the mode of ruling in Australia and New Zealand; I am not at all surprised that the hysterical fonctionnaires of a former penal colony are imprisoning its citizens over non-compliance with fiats over a virus that is life-threatening largely to elderly and already unhealthy people. Perhaps that age group, or “demographic”, comprises the majority that resides on those islands. Or the majority that the Nanny State would like to see eliminated from the surface population. A mere cost-cutting measure.

During the spring of 2010, while my Dear Son prepared to graduate as a civil engineer from the local university, he received, and his classmates received, promotional materials, lavish enticements really, to come and work in Australia. None of those young twenty-somethings bit on that too-good-to-be true Aussie apple. Although one engineer did opt for work in Florida with a Russian firm, a situation that did not turn out well.

A few years later, I corresponded with a mom in the Midlands of England; her oldest son was in Australia for a job of some sort. It was my impression that her intent was to get her large chick back home ASAP. She succeeded in her maternal quest, and none too soon before the government of Australia began to exhibit what can only be seen as looney-tune totalitarianism.

I’ve purchased goods from individual small-business owners in Australia, with the observation that each person is scared out of her wits about the climate killing her, so she must obey the Climate Nazi; or there is an overpopulation problem in other parts of the world, and Australia is leading the way to that zero-growth that’s sure to . . . what?

Be the death of them all?

COVID-Karen of California fame is Commando Karen of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Dominion of New Zealand (which I’ve discovered was once part of the British colony of New South Wales) is actually two islands, dominated by flipped-out fascists who have mandated closed borders, and a collapsed economy.

The Health Honchos in Australia, New Zealand, and New South Wales (which I’ve just learned is a state of Australia, not its own island) have shown to the world, to the civilized, sane world, just how far egomaniacal women without much brainpower can go on a government junket called a Power Trip.

The New World Order that has been announced by the appallingly grotesque Health Officials in Aussie-Land is the lesson the rest of us must take very seriously regarding the destructive nexus of ego-driven control freaks and the Nanny State they’ve inhabited for at least 20 years.

And, oh, my gosh!

Do those nanny-statist women all have to look the same?!

Same morbid hair-style; same morose, pained face (that’s almost painful to look at); same gaunt eye sockets; same sound of the-weight-of-the-western-world-is-upon me (please, unburden yourself SOON!); same decrepit pallor of despair (a Group Facial Recognition Trait); same black-and-burgundy polystered ensemble; same whipped-puppy look on each of the faces of these bureaucrats buckling under the yoke of servitude to hormonal swings crashing into that time-of-the-month fascism.

The one guy in the hen-gaggle, no doubt a token male, is always laughing at something. Maybe he’s wondering when those land masses will completely slide off of sanity and the earth!

There is one other male of the species among this sicko syndicate of creepy caveats: The NSW Health Minister. The first name is Brad, with the ominous surname of Hazzard.

(This existence of actual names, in real-life, smacking of so much symbolism, is most disturbing to a fictional writer like myself.)

Commando Karen won’t be satisfied or fed or appeased, only listened to and obeyed in lockdown lock-step. Whether or not those citizens obey is a matter only they can decide. The facial recognition app must be triggering all sorts of technological workarounds. Only sane minds will defy this brainsickness.

If Australians accept the abrogation and stripping of their liberties by the pompous dullards of statism, then they will have accepted the lengthy return of their country whence it came: a penal colony.

Here in the USA, the mad illegitimate king gets madder every day; and we find ways to laugh, in spite of the unconstitutional lunacies in our free land. The lawyers, especially the attorneys who “practice” Constitutional law, are really cleaning up on this fiasco. The facial recognition we’ve got in place here is in the form of the mug shot — of those mugs, the frauds who are too vile for police and prison.

Collecting fees is the last step in the collection of liberties, a confiscation that began with the official rounding up of those guns from the citizenry in the Lands Down Under.

First they came for the guns, then for the lovers of liberty, then for the individuals who have a conscience, then for the COVID passports. And now all They have left is the Chant of Pixel-style Politics.