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1 February 2022

Convoy Crusade: Learning

Learning: the process brings in big bucks for the tax-a-holics. The guv’mint industry of stuffing the gullets of youngsters with false information has become the raison d’être for the snooty pigs at the public trough: It’s a wonder humanity survives at all.

“I’m doing it for the Children.” — Hoarsely yawps the shrill shill who simply won’t shrivel up and leave the political stage. Her crusade is for more millions for her private till, but she uses the children as her excuse for her death-grip on that gavel of power.

During the past decade, the Children have gone from being the pseudo reasons for the psychos to crusade — to being crusaders themselves!

That annoyingly puritanical adolescent from Scandinavia is going to learn one day, soon, that her use to the socialist cause has been used, and, well, it’s not going to be a pretty sight for anyone to see. By then, the marxist media will be on to other things, given their attention span of a flea. Some people are incapable of learning. The Media represent a massive percentage of those clueless confederates, in lockstep with the principal perpetrators of crimes against humanity: politicians.

The Media Morons are matched only by the Bumbling Bureaucrats in dullness of mind. A person obsessed with filling out the proper form is not an inspiration for anything, and We the People need inspiration!

Actually, we’ve been in dire need of a true crusade.

The Crusades, the real Crusades, have been treated with the vulgarity of the p.c. philistines in the world who are so viciously intent upon re-writing history, they somehow neglected to LEARN it in the first place! The current crop of ignorami shall be replaced by newer narcissists, frothing at the mouth to be seen and heard on Global Media.

The entire concept of broadcasting information through a centralized structure is, I daresay, antiquated. In America, the antediluvian era of The 3 Networks gave way to a few decades of packaged 100+ cable channels, none of which presented wholly factual information. In other parts of the world, the set-up was basically the same: concentrated, circumscribed, tight-fisted views of The World, constructs that only marginally reflected reality.

The present reality of news-gathering is one of self-aggregating. About ten years ago, when I acknowledged the death of journalism, I felt a bit miffed and burdened by the workload. I’ve got enough research of my own to do! I felt annoyed at having to sort through info-feeds online.

And, yet, I have come to appreciate my innate skills and my learned appreciation of just how to go about ferreting out fact from faux-news. Essentially, I transferred my bloodhound-probe sense from fictional investigation to sniffing out actual occurrences. It’s part of being a good citizen. Being spoon-fed political poison (we’re moved far beyond that diet of political pabulum) is not to be tolerated by any freedom-loving individual.

I still do not enjoy the sampling and sieving of search-results; but I have gotten very good at ignoring the obvious and pathetic mis-information. And I have learned some rather fascinating facts about the online world of screen-marketed-info:

Whenever a subject receives an avalanche of negative “headlines,” there’s propaganda afoot. Conversely, whenever a topic pops up only with glowing encomiums, and polling numbers to convince the great unwashed of the ghoulish unbelievable, then I know that truly fascinating events are underway. The Peons of the Universe do not want me to know about it.

That’s when my scent-hound nose picks up the whiff of the fragrance of rebellion. I track that trail to wherever I must go — to confirm my hunch that the Internet propagandist-prudes can’t keep up with the freedom fighters, wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing.

It was through my searching a subject on a British website that I learned — on 27 January — about the Freedom Convoy in Canada. Those working-class heroes were barreling toward Ottawa! The author of that site has already written his own Dear John Bull Letter, but I believe the freedom-fighters can convince him, and every citizen, that One-World is crumbling, and quickly. The One-World-Blob that is the One-World Media really does not exist.

Glory be!

Put the hammer down!

I got my ears on.

We all got the big 10-4.

You keep on Truckin’!!

NO Double Nickels!!

Who’d have thought that the 1975 Convoy song, and, gah, the movie, from those ghastly gas-starved Carter years would come to life, bigger than life — in 2022!

It’s a modern-day crusade of the working class to vanquish the panty-waisted Prime Minister with the fake eyebrows, the forked tongue, and the narcissistic personality disorder. The devil’s in the disorder, and this punk is full of both demonic forces. He needs to practice more yoga poses.

Not Warrior, of course, but Crow. He’s stuck in Goddess pose.

These heroes are re-inventing the full wheel pose. Which was once a favorite stretch of mine, but a bout of frozen shoulder put an end to that gumby-like gyration of youth.

The gyrations of youth aren’t working for that Guy-Person in charge of the Thought Police in Government. That head of state has lost his head over what’s inside the heads of others. The PM needs some TM - Transcendental Meditation, or Medication. Perhaps a time-out from a job that has revealed all of his incompetence and nasty nastiness.

I do not believe the weirdo has a trucker costume in his voluminous play-wardrobe. Secretly, he’s got Convoy-Envy.

The eyes of the world are, indeed, upon those valiant diesel drivers. Everyone who counts the march of time toward freedom is watching the convoy of crusade for liberty. May the boldest of hopes and prayers and best of wishes go with those truckers, now, and always.

Malicious tinpot tyranny has, for decades — since those horrific 1970s — been sneakily encroaching upon American life, upon Canadian life, upon European life, upon life. Finally, finally, real-life action figures are combatting the doom-and-gloom despair that those feckless cheats at their desks of double-dealing have foisted upon free men and women, all over the World!

Men and women who actually work for a living seized the opportunity to be seen, to be heard — to be.

Anything can happen, now that the first steps have been taken. Expect to be called names. Expect fines, and fees, and bad press from the hypocrites of the press. Expect an unfair fight, just like it’s always been. Expect the sneering phonies in their political pulpits, the Elected Frauds, to become even more cowardly and brazen — and spiteful.

Expect the prissy yellow-bellies in their three-piece suits to preen more than ever before. Cause they’re scared s—-less. Sierra-less. Even the cloned clown here in California had to buy his way back from a recall to the tinpot-dictator tune of $150 million, or more, depending on the latest figures. And there are always the Latest Figures.

The self-righteous, hissy-fit snakes are backed into their corners. They’ve got everything to lose. Coming at them are the people who have nothing left to lose — because their Government has vengefully taken away from their own citizenry so very much:

livelihoods; lives that can no longer be lived, but, at most, eked out as if the Citizen is a serf, a vassal to the petty odious overlord who rules, not with the consent of the governed, or for the good of the nation, or for the greater good, or with the will of the people — but against all of it, and more.

Learning how to throw off the yoke that you hadn’t realized had been placed upon you, that’s a lesson never to be forgotten.

Below are some pertinent facts about the Crusades of yore. The 21st century crusades to reclaim your country, your citizenry, your rights, your freedoms, your liberty to learn — that journey has begun. May it long endure.

The Crusades were campaigns undertaken by the Christians of Western Europe from 1096-1291 for the recovery of the Holy Land from the Mohammedans. These armed quests were so-called because of the cross worn as a badge by the crusaders. They, and the resulting conquests in Syria, established a pilgrimage with a moral imperative.

Other expeditions were organized in western Europe during the Middle Ages in which the participants were granted the privileges of crusaders: some were sent against the heathen in areas other than Syria, some against heretics or opponents of the Papacy within Europe itself. These quests were also termed “crusades”. By analogy, so is any other campaign undertaken in the same spirit of reclaiming purloined possessions, be they land, or liberty.

Those crusades may be regarded as the decumanus fluctus, the tenth wave. That surge of religious revival began in western Europe during the 10th century, and expanded and intensified during the 11th century. The decumanus fluctus was a crucial chapter in the history of the crusades.  It was equally a most important chapter in the history of the engagements between the East and the West. These campaigns were “holy wars” and “pilgrim progresses” toward Christian Sepulchre.

Chivalry directed the laity to defend what was morally and spiritually right. The crusader was directed by the Church to defend what was right, and to attack what was wrong: the possession by the infidels of the Sepulchre of Christ. The crusades are the offensive side of chivalry. Chivalry is their parent; it is also their child.

Defend freedom. Crusade for liberty. Do it for the children.