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Cultural Corset

Mid-August 2022

Cultural Corset

I liken political correctness to a cultural corset — restrictive, repressive, tightly laced with pomposity, frightfully wicked in its hypocrisy. The corset went the way of the physician bleeding his patients, once enough women got wise to its threats to health, to breathing, to feeling alive.

How did this nation of America come to this lawsuit-spawning mode of suppressive expression?

Why did people accept the policing by others of what language to use — or not use, and why?

I find it entirely possible that such harsh violations of the First Amendment did not occur in the ways that the now-defunct media are promoting as click-bait. In fact, one of the best ways to promote one’s self or business is to get banned big-time by the Digital Puritans of Dreck.

The most damaging violations of free speech transpired quietly, even silently, through veiled threats from odious overlords. Those sovereign leeches fostered a noxious trepidation among hard-working Americans. The sense of being under siege by the True Believers in your work space; the fear of reprisal, of being fired, of being silenced for speaking your mind:

that deranged employment was born of the malevolent meanness of the immoral and the amoral clods among us. That unofficially sanctioned animosity at-work then officially empowered the power-drunk pinheads and despots, all across the Fruited Plain.

We the People are currently breaking that silence with majestic and blunt language, all across the Fruited Plain.

Business Offices throughout the country did become pot-boilers for harassment lawsuits, but, the potential had always been there for charlatans to make money off of perceived and often hokey offenses. The Virtue-Signaling Politician merely capitalized off of that revenue stream. And so did The Virtue-less Lawyers.

Offensiveness became big business in America. The Shock Jock made millions. The Jerk in the Lunchroom made litigation a lucrative scheme for workers incapable of work.

In private, the language of American citizens is remarkably free of the puff-pastry palaver that overtook globalist media during the sneaky start of the Reign of Rotten Broadcasting:

the post-Cold-War Era of Uni-parties World-wide.

Having ditched the dish five years ago (after less than a decade of using It), I can only attest to my own experience in the utter emptiness of what has sufficed, or failed to suffice, for NEWS.

Real-life occurrences take place all around me, without the interruption, intervention, imposition, and insult of The Talking Heads.

What moronic mass of numbskulls believes what a botoxed babe is telling her as Vital and Verified Information?

Only those Americans in their right minds, with common sense, and sanity, dignity, decorum, and that most precious possession of all — an incorruptible conscience — only they are responding in the good old-fashioned way to the monotony of the media morons, droning to prop up the tyranny of the tinpot tyrants in the USA:

They’re rebelling.

They’ve ditched the cultural corset. Methinks they never wore it to begin with.

The hyperventilating prudes are the ones with the vapors over the rich and ribald responses of the citizenry to decades of being lied to by the Lying Class, or Classes.

Who in the world could keep track of the huckster headlines that were hooey? How many blaring update alarums were needed to sound forth — only for the purpose of lining the pockets of politicians?

The true cultural corset is tightening around those jackals and coyotes. The whalebone stays of truth are here to stay.

Vive la révolution !