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Valentine's Day 2022

Driving Our Lives

Inspired by the Jersey Boy himself, this Jersey Girl offers some vocal rebel strains of support to all of those truckers — the freedom lovers — in just about every land of democracy around the globe.

The Rabbitt, Eddie Rabbitt, was not merely a phenomenally talented songwriter and irreplaceable singer: he was a real-life trucker. He used his work experience to co-write a terrific song that hit it BIG in the America of those Jimmy Carter years.

Some episodes in life must be lived at least once, especially when freedom’s at stake in the face of the martial-law loonies of this millennium.

Step by step, We the People will prevail over the tinpot interchangeable idiots and the odious attention whores who think they are in charge of us!

Those wanna-be rock stars in Brussels, Paris, and the D.C. swamp, they’re all secretly foaming at their fascist’s mouths, trying to figure out how to impose their own versions of Trudeau-land without the citizens finding out.

The fringe is looking like the muscular middle of a fist. It’s about time the real workers of the world united against the “governance” of the soy-boys and mastodon-jawed girls of

Oh, Canada, we stand on guard for thee. And for all lovers of liberty!

“Power to the people” has never sounded more wonderfully revolutionary!

Why, the very words, freedom, honk, liberty, and rebellion are due to be banned by the cancel creeps working for the capitalists fleecing what’s left of humanity.

I say, drive your life today . . . to a better and freer day, ooh-ooh-eee!

Driving Our Lives

See the freedom headlights, blindin’ on a snowy night

Steep grade up ahead; don’t slow down

Make it Your Time.

We gotta keep rollin’.

Those windshield wipers are slappin’ out a tempo

Keepin perfect rhythm with the liberty convo.

We gotta keep rollin’.

Hey, they’re drivin’ our rights away

We’re driving for a better day

for you and me.

Hey, we’re driving for sanity

Lookin’ for some decency

You and me.

Well, the truck stop police

coming to arrest me

Tried to bribe me into a crime

Said I wouldn’t be sorry.

He was just a fascist.

The citizens are pouring me

another cup of liberty

While convoy boys and girls

go ridin’ down that highway

Looking for an economy.

Ooh, they’re takin’ our money away

and we’re drivin’ for a better day

for you and me.

Ooh, they’re grabbin’ our bank accounts

and that amounts

to tyranny

for you and me.

Well, those 18-wheelers

drove the Touchy-Feeler

into his 5-star bunker

he is such a Nazi.

The citizens are pouring us

another cup

of victory love

While the farmers

go flying down the highway

Looking for legality.

Ooh, we’re drivin’ the nuts away

we’re gonna work and play

without the masks.

Yes sirree.

Oooh, we’re takin’ our country back

from the tinpot globalist hacks