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Enjoy Essays from the Vault

November 2012   Suffering for One’s Art

January 2013   The Blank Page

February 2013   Incoming Signals

March 2013   Using the Self

St. Patrick's Day 2013   The Memorandum

April 2013   The Chicken

May 2013   Falling in Love

Mid-May 2013   The Summer of 2008

June 2013    In Honor of D-Day

Flag Day 2013   Google Knows

Bastille Day 2013   The Eiffel Tower

August 2013   The Proper Writing Place

Mid- August 2013   Unplugged

Labor Day 2013   Blithely Unaware

September 2013   On Composing THE DAWN

Fall 2013   Brave Heart

Columbus Day 2013   Buying a New Laptop

Halloween 2013   Plot, Character, and Scene

November 2013    Louis L’Amour

December 2013   Diatribe

Christmas 2013   Gifts from Writers

January 2014   F. Scott Fitzgerald

February 2014   Voice of the First Person

March 2014   W. B. Yeats

April 2014   The Writer Speaks

May 2014   On Greek Tragedy and Modern “Drama”

June 2014   Short Story or Novel?

July 2014   Marcel Proust

August 2014  La Vie est Belle

Mid-August 2014  Rocky Raccoon, Jr.

September 2014  Sir Walter Scott

Mid-September 2014  Advice to Young Writers

October 2014   Merci and an Apology

Mid-October 2014  Patience and the Palimpsest

November 2014  Screenplays and Novels

Mid-November 2014   Hard Times

December 2014   How to Write Like Yourself

Christmas 2014  Gifts from Writers


January 2015   Ginger and Fred

Mid-January 2015   Cry U.N.C.L.E.

February 2015   The Writer Speaks: Discipline

Valentine's Day 2015   My Unsung Hero

24 February 2015   Bridget, The Valentine Pup

March 2015   My Original Fan Club

St. Patrick's Day 2015   Cloths of Heaven

April 2015   In The Home

Mid-April 2015   The Hook

May 2015   Lilacs in Bloom

Mid-May 2015   Something to Call Her Own

June 2015   On Leadership

Mid-June 2015   Fiction or Fact


July 2015   Paradise

Bastille Day 2015   Voltaire

August 2015   Belief

Mid-August 2015   Progress

    * Progress Continues   April 2021

September 2015   Lessons from Jane Austen

October 2015    Romancing the Fairy Tale

Halloween 2015    Free Market Masquerade

Veteran's Day 2015   To Be An American

December 2015   Purity in Visual Art

Christmas 2015   Gifts from Writers


January 2016   Epiphany

May 2016   Stanley Cup Edition

July 2016   Independence Day

Halloween 2016   The Great Pumpkin

Christmas 2016   Gifts from Writers

Solstice 2016   The Chance Christmas


January 2017   Jane Eyre

Mid-January 2017   Education in America

February 2017   Shopping the Classics

March 2017   March into Spring!

April 2017   Character Development

Mid-April 2017   Tax Day USA

May 2017   What a Tale!

Mid-May 2017   The Corporation is Always Wrong

Special May 2017   How Do You Still Keep Your Job?

D-Day 2017   Meditation on the Bitter Woods

Mid-June 2017   The Writer Speaks: Art and the Artist

Summer 2017   Friends and Family - The Death of the Mall

July 2017   The Great Crayola Controversy

Independence Day 2017   Ins and Outs

Bastille Day 2017   Édith Piaf, Broken-Wing Sparrow

Mid-Summer Eve 2017  Abominable Snowman & the Snowflakes

Hockey Summer Camp 2017   Shark Bait

August 2017   Think Pink

Mid-August 2017   Otis Redding and the Soul of Art

Back to School 2017   Off With His Head!

Labor Day 2017   Sewing Project

September 2017   The Honor of the Harvest Moon

Dog Days of Summer 2017   Beagle Stories

October 2017   Frédéric Chopin: The Spirit of Homecoming

Mid-October 2017   Maurice Chevalier: I Remember Him Well

Halloween 2017   All-Hallows'-Eve: The Celebration of Truth

Flannel Fest 2017   The Flannel Beagle

Veteran's Day 2017   The American Hero

Mid-November 2017   Giving Thanks

Late-November 2017   Black November

December 2017   Dean Martin

Winter Solstice 2017  Camille Saint-Saëns

Christmas 2017   Mrs. Christmas: Gifts from This Writer

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