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February 2022

Facts not Fiction

This past winter, December to be precise, I happened, for the first time, upon the online person of Neil Oliver, the Scots archaeologist, historian, and fierce lover of liberty. His podcast addressed his determination to live his life, and to celebrate Christmas, with his family, in spite of the covid madness that had been surrounding him.

Twas a glorious sight, and the sound of it was even better!

I then purchased 3 of his books, for my own reading pleasure. Two of the books are still on the way from the selling platform. The other book awaits them — to form book-bookends — in between these weighty structural bookends.

While I waited for the delivery of those new (to me) factual reading materials, I began to write my medical Western, SHADOW. One thing led to another, and I found myself online, trying to find out why delivery of the book — The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places — was a month (or more) overdue in making the journey to my house.

I didn’t find out the reason, but I discovered the podcasts of Mr. Oliver, in episodes, making a time-travel voyage to those places. I personally have been time-traveling for decades, all my life! In fact, I wrote a poem entitled Time-Travel in the volume, Equinox.

The travelogue-dialogue-monologue of Mr. Oliver had been necessitated by the officialized covid-madness that still shows no signs of abating on that archipelago.

Necessity is the mother of invention (not “invention is the mother of necessity”, as I’d just typed). All of that liberty and freedom of movement was being bottled up by the laggards, sluggards, braggarts, buffoons, and blackguards In-Office. The home office of Mr. Oliver took to the non-political hustings — to provide spectacular insights into, and detailed, correct information about, the ancient past. That past can provide so much clarity to the dullness and darkness of our present-day ignorance and vilely misunderstood reality.

Freedom of thought can not be stymied, unless a body is willing to surrender the mind to the fear-mongering cowards! Our sovereign leeches will suck us dry of all spirit and specie if we let them.

I listened to several podcasts by Mr. Oliver. I found absolutely fascinating the episode on the Bronte Sisters. My essays, “Lessons from Jane Austen” and “Jane Eyre” immediately came to mind. It was wonderful to hear kind and courageous words stated about the Brontes, who had been the target of unfair ridicule and disdain by at least one university professor of my distant past.

I found it hilarious and so typical of me that I purchased several books of Mr. Oliver, before listening to his podcast. The digital presentations are there to sell the books: I always work in reverse!

I consequently came up with a delightful new category on my website:

Facts not Fiction.

The Internet is either for idiots or for information, not mis-information, or dis-information, or falsehoods, cut out of shabby whole cloth and then slickly cut-and-pasted onto websites, websites that are covertly owned by globalist goons. The stupid people with too much money on their hands have royally messed up our lives for too long. Fight back with the sword, the broadsword of the whole story, the unvarnished truth, the stuff straight from the horse’s mouth. Whoever that horse might be, ride him with dignity and lightning speed, to the future of verifiable chronicles of yesteryear.

I’ve got quite a big herd of horses in my literary corral. I intend to ride each and every one of them — like Wildfire on that dark, flat land — of facts and fascinating stories of yore. Those stories can still be seen in all their grand and genuine glory, if you open your eyes to the stunning light of achievements and actualities of heroes, heroines, brutes and villainesses as they truly were, and still are.

Fling the effete frauds to the side of the road, and travel to the heart of the matter — to the real world.

Today, as I completed Chapter 5 of SHADOW, I pondered the fates of my Writer’s Journals. There are now so many of them!

Those pages and pages and pages of historical and factual information that I’d written down, whilst reading myriad books on diverse subjects: There’ll be no post-writing purges of those documents! I’m not using those research materials for fiction.

I’m using them for facts, armed with the indisputable weaponry of certainty.

During the past decade, I’ve obviously set about to gathering factoids for fiction, and factoids for facts, in and of themselves worthy of being spoken, of being known, of being.

I humbly present these short reports of historical accuracy, here on my website. The best, perhaps the only, means by which to combat the ignorance that litters up the Internet is to offer this counter-weight of actuality to the audiences out there who are so besieged by blatant pretense and falsity:

Naked truths, unvarnished by political correctness.

Mr. Oliver would say, Cue the music. I say: Explore more.