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Mid-March 2022

Free Shipping: Outgoing Mail

Dear Daughter,

Due to the fact that the costs of shipping (and handling — the handling part of S&H has returned with a vengeance) — are going through the roof, every retailer website is proudly announcing:


I have therefore taken full consumer-advantage of the NARS beauty that I’ve denied myself for about a decade.

Last week, after tossing out the old, faded Guerlain bronzer from 2014, I bought the Laguna and San Juan bronzers (HUGE) and got 2 samples (with code ICONS — which is still in force). I also grabbed two of the Powermatte Lip Pigments (Walk This Way and Warm Leatherette).

Yesterday, when I opened up the box that Mr. FedEx delivered to the Homestead, the amount of unopened makeup goodies prompted Dad to say:

“I’d say that’s quite a haul.”

“A moderate one. There are 2 samples. Those Free Samples.”

One is Taj Mahal (which the East Indians pronounce Taj Mahull). It’s gorgeous. The Dolce Vita sample is in addition to my first lip crayon from NARS, so I’ve got mini-backup.

Cause back-up is the operational word now. Along with the word, operational, from the propagandists regarding the whole mess falling apart so fast they’ve got eco-whiplash.

I bought some new blushes that have materialized since my last blush purchase in 2015:

Coeur Battant



The beating heart is torrid for liberty!!!

And I finally pulled the trigger on Taos. I know these blushes last forever (I shall never hit pan on Crazed), but there are some wonderful new shades. François has done quite well!!!



PS - Yesterday, after finishing the next chapter of The Scarlet Pimpernel (Lady gets a clue as to who he is!), I bought a 2-year supply of coffee from Black Rifle Coffee — FREE SHIPPING!!

Silencer Smooth, Just-De-Caf, and Flying Elk.

And you know what a coffee drinker I am!!!!