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17 July 2021

Giant Growing Pains

American Giant is experiencing growing pains, and, consequently, so am I.

My Daily E-mail from this clothing e-tailer, which is based in San Francisco, always includes a new product launch, with yet another new “fabrication”, new arrivals, along with a new “partner” to help them hawk their ath-leisure clothes.

The promo photo of young adults, even teen-agers, sudsing it up for the 4th with Samuel Adams, and wearing the American Giant hoodies, was, for me, a real turn-off. This “partnering” with Ye Olde Boston Brewsky maker does not convince me of the All-American aspects of this brand. In fact, I give a suspicious stink-eye to this sort of cloying, clawing after the commercial market of Youth in America.

(The phrase reminds me of when I said to the professor teaching a California-mandated college course: “I don’t care about the Youth in Asia; what about the young people here, in the USA?”)

I will state right here and now, I am probably not the target market of this brand, of any brand, of any ad campaign for any thing!

When I do not like something for sale, I don’t buy it. I walk away from it fast. But when I do like it, I spend far more than the slavishly demographed and targeted buyer, the Great Undecided: She Who Must Be Branded.

That Special Someone sits on the fence till the fence crumbles underneath her hemming and hawing rear end. Whenever I am blessed to see that Made-in-The-USA merchandise that I like, of quality fibers, and non-risqué styling, I go for it!

I, of course, first research the business, keeping an eye out for the tell-tale signs of Internet hype and tripe. That complete cottage industry of linguistic fabrication consists of those in-your-face Experts and Consultants who are lavishly rewarded, in ways more than merely monetary, to manufacture “reality”. If the Globalists had their way, a false front would be all that we would manufacture in America anymore.

The Surveys show. The Study says. It’s The Science.

If you’ve ever watched Family Feud (the one outside of the warring family-of-origin) you know who I mean:

The Professional Liars!

The State of California, along with Gavin the Pompous Pompadour, have been unmercifully monopolizing those specialist fibbers, who cotton-candy fabricate lavish tall tales, out of thin air. Their crocks, however, were concocted from recycled lyocell and some of that non-racist Uighur cotton. (Confidentially, I think Gavin lusts to be Richard Dawson of the Vax-Bribe Sweepstakes.)

The taxpayers of California have perhaps unwittingly partnered with this feckless fraud to cover up his pathetic deceptions. You see, Gavin the Good has been found out as the stinkiest skunk at the picnic of California Gold.

The typical online customer does not usually recognize a gold mine when he sees it; it’s been so long since quality goods at a non-Chinese website appeared before one’s eyes. We’re re-learning how to recognize The Real Thing!

The typical online consumer therefore might, with measurable anxiety, buy a tee-shirt or two, maybe 1 pair of sweat shorts from this company. I, however, enjoy a plunge bet of 100% cotton grown, processed, cut out and sewn in the USA — by American hands!

Furthermore, my closet, drawers, and wardrobe, since being de-China-ized, have been barer than Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Many of those museum artifacts, the Made-in-the-USA garments, are getting thread-worn. A few months back, I had to retrieve one tee-shirt from Cabelas of 1999 that was in the garage rag-pile, clean the hefty cotton, and then use it for bodily layering. The smell of motor oil and wood stain product, even the turpentine, did not completely come out. I didn’t mind the scent of the turpentine — it reminds me of my youth!

American Giant is still in its youth, if not its infancy, having been founded in February 2012 by a former chief of globalist apparel and footwear. You know the type, REI remakes the world in its own image. They were the ones they were waiting for. This company took off — via one hoodie that appealed to the snob element in American society.

You gotta admire any entrepreneur who built his start-up profit around just one sweatshirt! And during the Great Recession.

The rest of us in the Land of Opportunity, the non-Snobs, therefore got to partake of the ath-leisure excellence from that desecrated City by the Bay. Of late, however, getting the order filled correctly has posed a challenge to the software part of the transaction. I ordered 3 t-shirt dresses, one in Red Adobe, one in Super Black, and one in Blue Mountain — an obvious pitch to those hicks without Internet or Kinko’s. I got a zip-up hoodie of the Blue Mountain nuance instead.

I kept the hoodie; returns are a pain in the mountain, and I like the feel of the hoodie-fabric much more than the loosely-knit textile of the dress that grows as I wear it.  An unpleasant growing pain!

The highly-coveted woman’s sport legging still ain’t made of even a shred of cotton, that breathable fiber that is so nice to human skin. Nature did not produce nylon and lycra. Most crucially, the target fabric of any tee-shirt from American Giant is not quite nailed down yet. It shifts, depending on the color, the category and the presumed function of the Tee. That corral of fabric fray and consumer choices just keeps filling up with hayburners.

Not a good sign for a new business. And you know an online business is desperate for A Following when it hoists up a Blog on the site.

If the British intellectuals were the death of them all in the UK, the Marketing Consultants will be the downfall of each and every start-up capitalist venture in America!

Then there are the ever-changing, and expanding, locations of the manufacture: always in the USA, but not always in California.  The preferred spots of capitalist-love are Texas and North Caroline.  The cotton is grown in North Carolina as well. Methinks those angel investors of the hell known as the Bay Area have also left the Eureka State.

I am pulling for the success of American Giant. Their gateway-to-profit hoodie was created by a former industrial engineer at Apple. Whenever a Silicon Valley techie goes real-world, I applaud the entrance into actuality. I also need to buy some pants made in the USA, and the latest Back-in-Stock email has a few potential styles.

My bets are on American Giant following the lonnnngg cavalcade of capitalist companies out of the Golden State to find gold elsewhere.

I never knew Texas to have much gold, but I learn something new every day. It’s all part of growing pains!

18 July 2021

Morning After Update

My daily American Giant email announced this morning a sale of their iconic classic hoodie —the one that became The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made.

And now it is on sale. “Rarely on sale” but there it is:

Now available at a discounted price.

Oh, I see. The word “reduced” is sooooo common, so standard, so bourgeois!

Quality Always. Rarely On Sale.

I understand the AG Headquarters are in San Fran, with probably a skeleton crew of 3 people. I still think those moving vans and U-Hauls are starting to rev up. Me, I’m waiting for that End of Summer/Labor Day Sale. The one we’ve all worked hard for. The one that really discounts the stuff. The one that whispers . . .

Moving Sale!