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Christmas 2020

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If I can accurately be accused of anything, it is that I do not appreciate my own writing.

This deficiency on my part has alarmingly caused problems in my personal life, and to a lesser extent, in my professional life.

I must therefore thank all of those individuals, around the globe, who visit this website, and read my essays, and who venture forth to those selling platforms for my e-books.

Every night, Dear WebMaster Husband checks The Site Visits. I refrain from calling him Master, but, in all honesty, I do not even know how to access The Site Visits Site. I’m superstitiously afraid to do it!

But Dear WebMaster Husband is indeed The Master when it comes to granting many wishes to Dear Writer. Post the newest essay, or an urgent revision to a previously-posted essay, sometimes precedes sitting down at the Dinner Table.

Who can possibly even think of eating when there is a Mis-spelled Word spotted in an Essay of Yore! Or a period where a comma should be!!

The mere act of Creating this Website was, for me, a 10-Lords-a-Leaping leap of faith. Perhaps My Muse knew that Debra would then have to commit All of Self to the building, the tending to, and the care and feeding of It:

My Own Website, a domain with my name!

During the early years of this Website-as-a-Work In Progress, I received several emails regarding THE DAWN. Those intriguing questions focused on my inspiration and the factual information for this historical novel. I responded as best as I could to the purposes of the inquiry. There was, however, one series of emails that granted me much more than a few frank questions about my completed literary product.

A Master’s Student at Oxford University sent some enquiries that gave me great pause about the great Oxford University as a University, and as great.

This affable-enough-sounding Young Man wanted to know if he could cite my novel, THE DAWN, for his Master’s Thesis. I calmly and patiently explained to him that my NOVEL is a work of fiction, and therefore is not suitable as a primary source for anything.

He then asked me about certain historical events in the novel, listing each one, and if they really happened in real life, in history.

Well, yes, they did, in real life and in fiction. But you cannot reference my work of fiction as evidentiary data. In fact, I would be highly upset if you did. There are many, many events and passages of narration that, while historic, were used in the fictional setting of THE DAWN. Those events, as I used them, are not academic in nature, or fit for scholarly purpose.

It was a hard sell for me, explaining to a post-graduate student why Fiction is not a Source Text for an academic thesis. At least he wasn’t citing Wiki!

I asked this young man why he did not delve into primary source materials on the subject of his Master’s Thesis, those WWII years in France. He informed me that he did not have any more time to spend looking for highly detailed and reliably factual documents, at least the ones that had not been sanitized through political correctness, or otherwise purged of the more real, and meaningful details, facts, and figures.

Finding accuracy in hard-cover books was becoming frustrating, and online info was a joke.

Yes, I certainly agreed. The majority of my scrutiny on this vast subject, World War II, was done prior to the infestation of the Internet by Idiots re-writing every book going back to the Bible, and even The Good Book is getting odiously overhauled.

The truth of the historic matter was that the English, and especially, the French, do not want to discuss the Dark Years — which is one major reason why I wrote THE DAWN. This Oxford University student said that he had exhausted many research boulevards. He then came across my website, and he downloaded a portion of my novel. He found it to be highly credible. Unbelievably believable!

Such a comment is a wonderful compliment for a novelist, but I was appalled at the investigative process of a student at Oxford University. And I was horrified by the dearth of factual information regarding a World War that has been rigorously annotated, at least in America.

I emailed this young man a list of the non-fiction books that I had used for my primary source documentation, and I suggested that he focus on using those books for his thesis, as well as the bibliographies of those authors. This university student graciously thanked me, and stated that he would get to reading the rest of THE DAWN . . . later.

“Later” is sometimes a euphemism for “never”, but I nonetheless felt very touched by the genuine endeavour of this young man in trying to find factual facts during his university career.

From that point on sometime during the autumn of 2014, I conducted my own inspection and analysis of many domains that impinge upon the literary one, including the academic, business, and marketing spheres. I learned that those arenas had become hideously corrupted by what appears to be a world-wide attempt by the Globalist Glob to package and propagandize a cosmos that is, in fact, historic and otherwise, full of phoney baloney garbage.

The vast majority of populations — globally — are not buying anymore of the suffocatingly stupid revisionism of Life, past, present or even future. When a College Student has to contact a Novelist to try to find authoritative historical information about the past of his nation, something has gone terribly wrong within that nation.

The written words thereby only become mightier than the dulled swords of censorship and collectivist-think. There are millions of those powerful words out there. Those words speak truth about truth, about history, about life. I am honored to add whatever verbiage I can to such a magnificent marketplace of free and real ideas. That infinite wave of wisdom, and reality, with majesty and with might, inevitably reaches the shores of so many minds in this fine and flawed old world.

About thirty years ago, while I was writing NORTHSTAR, I encountered many, far too many, cynical advice-givers who told me to hang it up: the written word is dead. People want to read Dennis Rodman’s autobiography. I’d be better off sticking to technical engineering writing and editing. I didn’t hang it up, partly because the written technical words were being killed off faster than the fictional ones!

And so, every night, when I learn of each Special Someone who finds a way to this website, I feel grateful to him, to her, to all of them.

I owe many thanks, of artistic gratitude, and of personal appreciation, to each individual who comes “here” and teaches me so very much about what’s “out there.” I discover new universes within this very old world. I hear of places I would not otherwise have heard. And I re-visit towns and cities that I once knew, and come to know, anew, in a magical way.

Those Gifts to This Writer are blessed for her, beyond any measure.