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Guitar Noire

Summer 2022

Guitar Noire

Like a wild wind blowing

I rode the highway

not quite knowing

night from day


sent me to him

and freedom

sent me away.

He was a mission

from my past

a love that could

not hope to last

and when

I saw him holding


to the wrong woman

I almost laughed.

Am I supposed to


Or do I pine and sigh?

My footsteps weren’t quiet

in the wake of harsh night.

She led him down a

ghastly road

of shame

and sorrow.

A bright tomorrow

was not meant to be.

From tenderness

he did flee.

Love would have

held him

Love would have

compelled him

to live with honesty.

What was he to do with me?

I was his conscience

he was shredding.

I was his memory

never forgetting

the man he used to be.

It was a long slide

for him

to cashier his destiny.

His was a story I didn’t want

to see.

The guitar noire

called him from afar

And it closed in on him

Waves crashing on his face

till his life became

the utter disgrace.

So glad was I that I’d walked


But I too had my own heartache

in play.

I tossed his memory into the wind

that wild wind blowing

From where did it begin?

From where did it end?

We were enemies then friends,

then enemies again.

From the twinkling of

time’s knell

I felt

his pleas

along a rocky shore

The strings of

his guitar noire

played no more.

And into the rushing wind

I soared,

Toward him

and the heart that called

from the edge of his pit.

Oh, I’d wanted no part

of it

till forgiveness bid

me look once more

at a man who was

sinned against

more than sinning

And from that awakening

came my beginning

a wild wind rushing

toward me

with the certainty

of his life and mine:

a destiny that had


without my knowing.

And once I knew

that truth

the end notes

carried me to

the highway


with the freedom

of a wild wind blowing

night turned into day.