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8 May 2022

In the Presence of Evil

A person cannot always tell when he is in the presence of evil. There exists a certain sense of confusion, often difficult to discern, in a room where a faker to morality walks among the honest and the earnest in that enclosed space. Looking back, you can more easily tell when the malice-ridden had hidden her true intent from the throng around her.

I once corresponded with a woman who feigned being suicidal for the purpose of . . .

getting attention?

I don’t know.

She seemed kind, and caring, and filled with the best of wishes for everyone. And, yet, looking back, I can see that she was being consumed by a festering hatred for her mother, furious resentment toward people of skin color not her own, bitterness that grew by the day, and by that long dark night of a soul that was eating itself away.

I remember her to this day, because almost a decade beyond when she called the false alarms over her deadly depression that wouldn’t end, she’s still around. She’d sunk lower into her mire of pig-headed pessimism and spite, but she’s still there, where she was, where she will always be, making life miserable for everyone else around her.

With solemnity and sincerity, I’d tried to help this woman, only to discover within the space of a year that I’d been had. My good intent had been slyly turned by her into a form of egocentric game, a manipulation of my goodwill that took all of the good and willed, instead, irreparable harm from a self-loathing that probably began during childhood.

My time and energies and emotions were not for naught; the Lord had called upon me to be of assistance to a person who proved unworthy of my assistance. Such is life, and such is the will gone horribly wrong.

Life can be rudely and crudely unfair. The individuals who deserve the best in life too often receive only a portion of their due on earth. I believe they are blessed in the Hereafter. We humans can point too pointedly to the earthly possessions that didn’t stack up for the hard worker; or the material successes that didn’t come the way of the good and generous and godly.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

In leaving behind my memories of having been in the presence of evil, I rely upon those words. I also strive to have faith in the way of fate, be that force divine, or a mystical confluence of the will of the Almighty and of your own free and merciful will.

The presence of evil is overcome by the presence of good, whenever a pure heart and a chaste mind refuse the callings, whispers, really, of the devil who has many disguises and devices. The warnings that I heard, and heeded, during my own youth of deprivation, without a father, have all come to pass:

Women who reject husbands in favor of Big Daddy Sugar, aka Government;

Men who are boys in the bodies of adult males, but who are incapable of undertaking the maturing duties of caring for their young, for the sick, for the elderly;

Children raised in the darkness of families without faith; in the pits of despair called urban centers; in the self-seeking and self-absorbed worlds of wealth and privileged gratification bereft of any Higher Power, save that of Egotism.

The shredding of the social fabric of any nation begins with fraying at the edges. That initial undoing is the small unraveling of conscience that allows amour-propre to grow into the world of the narcissist.

In the world of a loving home, duty commands a girl to sacrifice in the face of heartache. Thus is born a woman. The boy grows to manhood through the yielding of his desires to discipline, endeavour, industry, thereby directing him to master his unruly emotions, and prove his mettle through a profession.

We are living in an era of governance when the adults are not in charge; it is equally true that wise, wonderful, and courageous gentlemen and gentlewomen were not always at the helm of a family, or a company, or a church, or a government. Personally, I was, by the age of twelve, more mature and more capable, more willing, and more dedicated to shrewdly lead, to make intelligent decisions, to prepare the way to a judicious and hope-filled future than were my older siblings and, more crucially, my widowed mother.

Taking on the mantle of captainship on a boat that was destined to shipwreck was a life-altering experience for me. One could say that it was my fate. I’d state that it taught me how to behave in the presence of evil.

We have many days and nights ahead of us in America while fate moves its big and ugly hand. Prepare ye the way for the future.