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25 October 2021

It’s MY E-Mail

From time to time, My Webmaster receives distress signals, via e-mail, from some very distressed persons. The subject matter is My Website. And it appears that there is an entire phalanx of professional parasites, out there, in foreign lands (take your pick), who receive pennies on the e-mail, to gather together some form of income on which to subsist.

The grammatical excellence of the content, with only the most current of globalist marketing lingo, cannot be believed, unless it is read. It’s best read aloud to derive the maximum effect of hilarity. Although I did not laugh. I felt disgusted that ignorance can be so easily preyed upon.

I know, I know, that predatory practice in this nation is called a political election. The campaign of routine rip-offs of the willfully and recklessly uninformed was once an ancient art of the Collectivist Dictator. That godless crusade has become modernized monetization here, in the USA, and, for all I know, around the world.

Those SEO experts and consultants are getting more and more desperate in an ether-sphere that is showing signs of the real free-market force known as competition.

21st Century Monopoly is an ugly game, played by creepy ghouls, amoral bald-headed goblins, and anti-social geeks.

The use of the hideous G-translator and my long-ago discarded G search engine was the prime tip-off to me of the rip-off location: a 3rd world country far far away.

And far far away is where I wish to stay, from these professional leeches, and the pitiful populations those leeches claim to care about and want to help . . . Oh! How much money can I send to you to ensure the pristine ethos of the planet.

It’s MY E-mail. Without your permission, I already feel quite free to do what I darn well want to with it!

I gave a Big Crunch to Ms Snyder, a name that has a New Yawk ring to it. My non-respectful context and content here say: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. (Why was this email not placed into spam??)


Not to ignore it's information which you should always consider, unless you are full.

Contrary to popular ways of telling generic issues you have present and what all we serve. I would like to inform you that I stumbled up on your website because you are not ranking well for some keywords.

Here again I’m not going to tell you what you have or don’t. Rather I’ll make a simple checklist of what can be done to improve on your current standings.

Every website is unique and hopefully the circumstances are also different when it comes to engaging it. My takeaways for such vulnerability goes as following:

Making the website technically correct as per latest search standard. It’s a major roadblock of Google indexing.

On-Page consistency too plays a major role in deciding your website ranking n’ traffic.

The best way to deal with potential issues of back links is to respect the context and content. Again to understand that more you need to read through your search console.

Finally implementing various triggers and tools that measures campaign effectiveness is integral to any such promotion campaign.

We can help you!

Our team of Google certified experts has an approximate success rate of 95% with search ranking, traffic improvement and lead generation. With their year long experience in specific industries makes them domain experts to capitalize any situation.

Interested! Please feel free to write us back with your direct number and contact details for a free consultation with a website audit report.

Best Regards,

Sherri Snyder| BD Consultant

I, the authoress, consider myself the consultant, the best consultant, and the only consultant, about what to do with my website. This web page, with my own name for a domain, is an entity that I had to be convinced by my Very Dear Friend to create. That savvy friend remains my strongest advocate, in spirit, in memory, pour toujours.

So butt out of my life, you specialized bottom-feeders and mavens of sham. I consider it the depth of insult for anyone, but especially a phoney Internet “expert”, to even attempt to spam my mailbox with the sort of tripe that thinks it rules the world.

I do not need your help. No one needs your help. You are the one who needs help, not from the powers-that-be, but from a Higher Power.

I know who and what rules this earthly sphere. Not a pinko Commie Winnie-the-Pooh, not a cabal of capitalist pigs, and certainly not the globalist masters of the universe. God is in charge of it all.

In secret radio operator’s code, that’s Golf Oscar Delta.