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Summer Reading 2021

Magna Carta

Summer comes but once a year, even in California. It is nonetheless all too true that the dry summer heat in this state starts in May and, hopefully, ends sometime in October. Halloween at the latest.

This summer this year shall be celebrated by this writer as a time to enjoy living in her new house. I intend to get some serious summer reading done as part of that celebration.

Several years ago, I’d wanted to read the history of the creation of Magna Carta; but I was extremely busy with other, more pressing matters. The design and construction of a dream house took up some of my time. Many of my waking hours, however, were devoted to translating THE DAWN into L’AUBE. That job is now finished. I plan to embark upon a scholarly treatise entitled King John and Magna Carta.

This book was written by J.A.P. Jones as a seminar study in history, first printed in 1971, with the 4th impression in 1983. The used copy that I own is a 4th impression. My impression of this impression is that whatever is ancient is forever and always new again.

The most fundamental lesson of Magna Carta is that “human rights” form a legal check upon the Monarch, or State; and a firm restraint — upon the Government — from infringing upon those natural rights that have been granted by God to mankind. The notion that the State grants “human rights” to anyone, whether as a gift, a favor, a compensation, a reparation, or even a bribe — is flawed.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

And yet, the same foolish and arrogant errors, offenses and blunders of governance, or non-governance, continue to recur throughout human history. The brutish overlord beasts and their power grabs got hold of a real bonanza last year. Their cash cow of unconstitutional corruption is now due to experience a true borrasca, which is Mexican-Spanish for an unproductive mine that’s been mined out, or was oreless from the claim jump.

The claims by the Government Pious are currently more than jumping to justify their piggish and illegal pursuits of power at any cost, all for the sake of paybacks to the rusting remains, the demented dregs of at least one political party in this country.

Me, I like to get a jump on productive activities, which pretty much precludes me from being in touch with much of what goes on in California. What goes around comes around. The 360 degrees here in the Golden State are so much more circuitous than in other states of this nation. The spin cycle seems to take forever, but I do believe a Magna Carta moment, or series of moments, is headed the way of California leading the way to that vulgar series of stupidities called The Covid Farce.

That histrionic hysteria was obsessively-compulsively, round-the-clock hyped by all of those eel-like executive hacks. Those fiscal wizards have an undeniable yen and yearning for self-execution and home-field bankruptcy. The away-game, lamentably, didn’t turn out as planned by those master planners of perfidy.

Gavin was the canary in the gold mine that got left behind. Maybe by the summer solstice, he’ll figure out he’s been had, and by his own blood relatives. His batty aunt got the gold mine, we citizens got the shaft. In these uncertain times, the gold bug re-emerges from its treasure trove, just in time, to find tricky dick frauds everywhere!

There were dizzying and varying degrees of the tricky-dick State, and Federal, violations of the natural rights of any man, woman, or child in the United States. The Honchos and Harridans in Charge even publicly admitted, on their favorite mmm-baby camera-cast, they’d not been thinking of the Bill of Rights with their politicized provisos and edicts and bans on basic human liberties and activities.

And Zoom! Before any citizen knew it:

Free speech: poof!

Free and peaceable assembly: poof!

Freedom of worship: poof!

Freedom of redress of grievances: poof!

Freedom from unreasonable search & seizure: poof!

Freedom of a legally & equally protected franchise: Poof!

The horrific lessons and consequences of those vilely unlawful acts are still in motion. It appears that the horrific lessons and consequences of a more distant past, dating all the way back to the 12th century in England; and, in America, to the 1970s, must be re-lived, albeit with a weirder cast of characters, by newer generations so that the latest crop of short-sighted youngins can get a gory glimpse of reality as real — not as a fanciful theory, an exercise in egotism, or a pipe dream.

The pipe dreams of history are often replayed with newer pipes, but equally awful dreams. Living in a real world just doesn’t cut it for some people. I'm not one of those people. I like the feel of solid, hard ground ‘neath my naked libertarian feet.

And, so, while I profoundly and delightfully enjoy the classic 1938 Hollywood film, The Adventures of Robin Hood, I somberly dedicate myself this summer to learning the real story behind the story of that nasty brother, John, of King Richard the Lion-Hearted. The treacherous and treasonous brother John might have been banished from the Tinseltown England, but in real-world 1199, he was back — as King of England, and as sovereign of the Angevin Empire of the House of Plantagenet. That empire was not small. It included half of France.

Richard must have been a roving wander-lustful wanderer. He’d engaged in one too many civil wars and a few too many faraway adventures. Evidently, Dick did not spend much time in the home country, much like the jet-setter jerks of our most recent Ruling Class.

England, consequently, was, by the dawn of the 12th century, poor as a church mouse, or a cathedral rodent. The movie Robin Hood wisely summarized the plight of the people of the neglected nation that Robin had to protect:

Robin Hood: “Those I’ve killed died from misusing the trust that Richard left them. And the worst rogue of these is the king’s own brother.”

King Richard: “Oh, then you blame Prince John.”

Robin Hood: “No, I blame Richard. His task was defending his people instead of deserting them to fight in foreign lands.”

King Richard: “What? You’d condemn the Holy Crusades?”

Robin Hood: “I’ll condemn anything that leaves the task of holding England to outlaws like me.”

Unfortunately, for those Anglo Saxons and for those Anglo Normans, by the year 1205, King John had blown through whatever political and economic capital had come to him through succession to the English throne. Most of the French territories were lost; some might more accurately say that inheritance from his older brother Richard was squandered. John was such a flaming success on the throne that his nickname soon became John Lackland.

King John found himself in the war business. He had to regain those lost lands, a job that carried a hefty price tag. The English barons would have to foot the re-conquest bill. Those “contributions” were not viewed kindly by those Englishmen who had already done their deeds and performed their fealty and their service to the throne, first to King Richard, and then, to King John. Those noblemen did not feel obligated to cover the nut on this sovereign expenditure.

They broke bad against their monarch, and refused his demand. King John severely punished quite a few of those rebellious Englishmen. Such a vengeful tactic usually does not bode well for the success of any desperate despot. The threat of civil war in England ensued, with the storming of London by those noblemen, and their taking of that city. King John was then brought to the bargaining table, at the point of a sword.

The point of the sword is a significant factor in this legend; King John later claimed that he signed the bloody document under much duress, and thus convinced Pope Innocent III to annul the charter. (If ever there was an ironic name, you just found it!)

King John had to learn the lesson that a feudal king, such as he, needed a financially solvent base upon which to rule. Without the aid of those barons, his lost lands would remain lost (in fact they did remain irretrievable to England). In 1215, this peace treaty was signed by both warring sides, and dubbed “The Articles of the Barons.”

The Adventures of Robin Hood Times 10!

The majority of the stripped rights of those barons were restored, engendering the restraint of the absolute powers of any monarch over noblemen, and, by extension, over commoners.

One major moral of that history is that dumbbell despots and depraved dullards in elected office are far more easily done away with than are the masses over which they reign. In recent California history, recalling an annoying narcissistic inept governor happens, sometimes too many times in a row. Wiping out an entire voting bloc takes more time and effort than any modern-day lazy potentate cares to contemplate. Genocide is a messy business. It can be a bit gruesome, especially in the optics-department.

If that base, aka The People, rebels, the King can either make bully-use of his royal authority as a dictator, and eventually and justifiably lose his kingdom; or he can acknowledge that the people of his nation possess certain inalienable human rights that he cannot abridge, abrogate, usurp, or undermine. A powder-keg of a political crisis, caused by his own mishandling of money and momentous misjudging of his feudal nobles, led King John to a begrudging but historic legal action.

Magna Carta Libertatum, commonly called Magna Carta, is the royal charter of human rights, finally agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215.

Since that fateful summer day in 1215, many a legal document has been promulgated to affirm the natural rights of a free people; and many an illegitimate order has issued forth from crooked chieftains to deprive free individuals of those rights, their liberties, even their lives.

The concept of democracy, and the founding of the nation known as the United States are owed, in part, to the establishment of Magna Carta in England. Liberty is always alive whenever an individual speaks out against the unlawful, fraudulent, even wicked, force of the State against the natural rights of that person. When the right to free speech is quashed and torpedoed by loudmouth thugs calling themselves leaders, the individual has a moral duty to take action against that enemy of the Individual, who is also an enemy of the State.

King John and Magna Carta contains many dry facts, dusty but fascinating intrigues, and historical plot twists. I think I’ve got the basic story down, though. Those scholarly details will keep me busy this summer, assessing the constitutional mess that surrounds me. I’ll thereby become armed with knowledge; and knowledge is power.

That truth explains the impotence of our stupid cowards in high places. Someone, somewhere, gave them delusions of competence. The rights of man remain a concept alien to the pompous Privileged Class who deem ordinary people alien to the haughty cesspools those megalomaniacal maggots inhabit. Too many red-blooded patriotic citizens of America are viewed as smelly foreigners by the corporate cretins and shills, barricaded in their cocooned cosmos.

The world of the jaded, debauched and disconnected elites did not spawn a Magna Carta, but it did fire up a revolution.