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Mayday - Mayday 2022

The Recession is Real and It is Deepening

Forget about what you read online — or anywhere — even in the “conservative” info-newspinion aggregators.

These facts are coming straight from the feedbag, the Union Shop — which never lies to me, or to any customer. Note the lack of blaming Putin or anyone other than FJB:

Shipping costs have risen considerably due to the cost of fuel. UPS now has not only a fuel surcharge, but delivery area surcharge, and they charge more for residential delivery than commercial. The delivery area surcharge does not apply to all locations, the fuel surcharge does. We do not make money on shipping fees.

We hope this explains a little about your shipping fees and why they might vary, or seem higher than you expected.

If you are shipping online, then your shipping will be calculated via a live connection to the UPS web server, or by the United States Postal Service web server if you are shipping outside the continental United States. All rates are based on the zip code you enter as the shipment destination.

We do not charge a handling fee.


The local post office is known in my household as The Post. The post office in my former home-town was known as the P-Off, a name that is taking on national emotional significance among the citizenry.

In the local post office, today, there was, posted, or push-pinned, additional indications regarding the restlessness of the hordes, masses, really, of humans who aren’t sheep — and are not about to be sheared.

Lions not sheep” comes to mind!