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Mid-February 2022

Norma Desmond Livestream

So much time and attention are being focused by the inept governments of so many nations on preventing thoughts from reaching the stage of actualization within the minds of the citizens. The sin of heresy is now possible within secular circles. In actuality, heresy has become the gravest sin against the doctrine of Government Authority.

The hilarious and nearly tragic irony here is that Government Authority has ceased to be true authority. The directors, and chiefs, and heads lack the most fundamental skills in any technical field. They speak red-tape even as they become choked by it. They are pompous pinheads promoted to their highest level of incompetence. And the incompetence is enormous.

When I first heard of the proper noun, Cressida Dick, I thought it was a place, not a person. When I saw her photo online, there was no longer any need to read about her ineptitude and boot-licking brown-nosing as a police-chief-woman. The same goes for all of those bald and waxed, egg-headed Medical Chiefs and Official Science Officers.

If they are trying to emulate Yul Brynner, it’s a sick joke. He was a Russian actor, you know, and a very good one.

How did we get to this place in the history of our nation, in the history of our world, where the Muppet Show characters, Dr. Honeydew and His Assistant, Beaker, have been placed in charge of any medical choice that, in the la-la-land days of liberal fervor over “Your Body Your Choice,” belonged to you?

Those choices really did not belong to you. As long as you did what They told you to do, it was your choice. That catch-phrase of Choice was one among so many of the PR ploys used in politics to earn trust that was swiftly and surreptitiously squandered and betrayed, by the whole lot of them: media mouthpieces, political whores, government glee-club ghouls. With the collapse of the propagandist media into the thousand broken pieces of demographics that fit no one, the paid shills continue to mouth the con-game words, but I wonder if even they believe their own lies.

It’s all been very disconcerting to me during the past few years, watching hordes of individuals, millions of them, around the world, waking up, at last, to the charade of government that’s been going on for decades. I might have been born with a skeptical mind where authority is concerned, but I also possess a deep and abiding respect for leadership. I supremely revere the bold decisive commands given by a genuine shepherd to the followers in his flock.

The free peoples in the world today are not following any leader, because he, or she, does not exist! The Diktat-Delivery Humanoid is not a leader, and certainly not a shepherd of any flock!

The atheist automatons in their secular pulpits decree the gendarmes and the riot squad and the spy-cameras, and the citizen-spies, pounce on the little guy like he’s a gnat. Those gnats are currently coalescing into a bee hive of potent stings. I hope the punk-potentates have got their antidotes at hand, but I doubt it. High and mighty in their secret locations, they swill wine and their own verbal bilge. So did Hitler in his bunker, although the historical and medical facts reveal that Herr Hitler was a meth-addict, crystal meth to be specific, with a Dr. Feelgood feeding the crappy corporal a steady diet of morphine, opioids, hormones, uppers and downers.

Politicians and addiction: they’re hooked on more than just pharmacological products. Their primary addiction is power. The fact that Hitler’s Primary Care Doctor was a fraud, a quack, and a snake oil salesman has nothing whatsoever to do with the Third Reich’s descent into hell. They started there, and swiftly reached unheard of depths of depravity on earth.

The 21st century has brought to light the National Socialists, which was the real name of the Nazi Party. These newer automatons are not leaders, any more than the science fiends and the technocrats of the Third Reich and of Vichy were leaders.

The word, leader, is spoken as if such a noble person still exists, but the traditional and cherished definition no longer applies. Such an elected empty suit is a paid hack, flacking for a globalist blob with no regard for humanity, just for the coin to be collected from the citizenry. The blockhead is devoid of a conscience breathing down his neck. He, or she, is aware only of the secret money flowing down a spineless back and into the foreign bank accounts.

How did the democratic nations of the world come to this pass?

And so many of them at the same time?

These are questions that I continue to ask myself, and others, not with the expectation that they will be answered any time soon. There may not be a ready answer. The crossroads at which we find ourselves is not necessarily of our making. Promises were made by “leaders” to too many citizens, too often, for too long, with no intention of ever keeping them. The citizens were too busy trying to survive the unholy messes made around them by the selfish and the greedy and the stupid and the small-minded frauds called Elected Leaders and their toads and toadies, the Politicians and the Bureaucrats.

The Revolution of 1917 in Russia was fomented by blood-thirsty men who wished power for themselves; the same goes for the French Revolution of 1789. Not so the American Revolution. The 13 colonies endured abuse after abuse from a mad King, distant and detached from citizens who had ceased to be treated as subjects of the Crown, equal to the British citizen, with equal protections.

Equal protection under the law thus became a fundamental building block of the American experiment. That basic right is built into the very foundation of our society. Only a wrecking ball can destroy that right, and I gravely doubt the lazy liars of guv’mint can operate any real machine or mechanical device. They do not keep on truckin’. They keep on f—us.

The governmental leeches and snide millionaires in charge of shoving mandates and fiats at the governed in America have deprived my fellow Americans, and myself, of the liberties for which the War of Independence was fought.

They seem not to comprehend the nation for which they so arrogantly serve. And they do serve us; we do not serve them.

The total absence of a news media in America has led to the tightening of the noose upon the bottleneck of dissemination of information — factual, truthful, and accurate information to the American people. As if those pathetic public servants are capable of preventing the truths of countless topics from reaching the minds of a country of over 334,000,000 people.

The public servants, along with their overseer elites, live in a world of their own malign contrivance, one that is antiquated, dated, delusional, and is slipping from their grisly, greedy grasp. The lionization of an American podcaster to the all-powerful status of a Public-Opinion Svengali is a sure sign of their paranoia regarding the illegitimacy of their power, in general; and anent their self-deception as to how any individual gains vital enlightenment on the facts, and about the fraudulence, of life in the USA.

People are searching everywhere, literally everywhere, to find answers to common-sense questions that these harshly repressive politicians and bureaucrats seek to squelch and silence. Democracy is not constructed in such a way as to permit those silencers to survive their transgressions against liberty. For many decades, they were able to pretend, behind their slickly fabricated masks, to be the protectors of democracy. How cruelly ironic that a mask became the device by which they were found out to be hypocrites, charlatans, snakes, and high-handed fakes.

Presently, only the Norma Desmond Livestreams abound in America. Those cynical hucksters are horning in on the vast seas of humanity who are upset, confused, frightened, outraged, but, most of all, hungry for facts and ideas unlike their own, for notions that are new, different, unfamiliar, and perhaps appealing because of their strangeness.

Growth and maturation occur because of the analytical testing of facilely accepted concepts that need to be tested. If those thoughts and theories survive that testing of a mind searching to find bedrock truths, they remain forever within the mind, and they coalesce to form the conscience of the individual.

The tyrants and servants of government, of officialdom, of the corporate body, of the syndicate that is Dark Money, they horridly prefer that the Individual not possess that firm and unyielding conscience. They perilously aim for a conscience that’s available for purchase by them. They will go to any extreme, any length, any crime, any sin to tamper with and to destroy the conscience of an individual who can then be like putty in their hands. If that work sounds like the doings of the devil, you’ve got the right idea, the acceptable view, that is, if you love liberty.

Their goal is to pit one person against another, and thereby eradicate the very human bond that naturally exists between every one of us — because we are all God’s children.

The tyrants and their serfs are ghoulish and they are godless. We, the citizens of our nation, and the truest citizens of the world, we must be gracious and we must be godly. A conscience breathing down your neck must also breathe down the neck of anyone you would elect to do your bidding. Because your bidding is to build that highway toward freedom, not the road to serfdom.

The Norma Desmond Livestream of skeptical peddlers can then yield to freedom and to the free market-driven audience that is the Patriot Mainstream, broadcasting thoughts, and information, and ideas that inform us, inspire us, unite us.

United, we stand. United, we, the people, win back our nation from the dividers, who fell as they tried to break us.