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17 November 2021

OPEC’d Again

Yesterday morning, I was trying to come to terms with precisely what has occurred in America, regarding the energy-independence that was achieved between the miraculous years 2017-2020.

That energy independence had been a long time coming, or not coming at all — if the U.S. Government and its Carter-created Department of Energy had anything to do with the goodwill and good lives of the American citizen. I can still recall going for an interview for a clerical post at this just-built enclave of bureaucratic boondoggle called the Department of Energy, in Washington, D.C.

There were, on the desk of the very young progressive puritan in charge, an assortment of what used to known as Paper Clips. Those doohickies were the brand-new Plastik Lips. Made of plastic (which, in those days, was still legal), in all kinds of bright assorted colors.

Today, they’re computer safe!

Plastik Lips are just about all that the media morons, and their overseers in America, possess. Granted, those lips are not all bright and shiny and new. Actually, the Governmental Pout is looking very repressed these days. Grim, dull, dreary, and prudish. As strait-laced and straight-jacketed as they wish for us all to be, in this land of the brave and the free.

Yessiree, the puritanical doctrine of holy scripture is a critical theory of whatever whets the whistle of the thug voting base, and brings in the global bucks, fast and furious, for the city pols to skim off of their pig-pile of Congressional pork.

But to return to my attempt at understanding the riotous state of chaos, or the chaotic state of riots, in the USA, today — as opposed to the States of riots and chaos and criminal behavior during the flambéed spring and summer of 2020. The BLM- and Antifa-fueled barbecuing of the cities of my nation continued into the autumn months of 2020, but, by then, a cloak-and-dagger campaign was well underway to pull off a heist of an election.

Consequently, very little accurate reportage was coughed up by the dullard pravda-media, although, very little accurate reportage had ever been proffered by those shills regarding those peaceful protests, exploding amidst backdrops of blazing infernos. Many real investigative types are still trying to find out how many of the “riots” were corporately-funded. Pallets of bricks during the summer of 2020 led to pallets of ballots and midnight xeroxing during Election Days and Nights 2020 that led to digital purges 2021.

And then the power — of all kinds and sources — to the people, got cut off, cancelled, wiped out, dried up, halted, blocked, executive ordered away, and rubber-stamped into oblivion by a real-life dummy misanthrope.

In reality, we, the People, have been OPEC’d by our own bloated bureaucracy. What the Arabs did to us in the 1970s, has been perpetrated by our public serpents, slithering in the green energy grass of goodness and equity. That’s poverty for the masses, and opulence for the American court of payoffs.

Yes, we’ve been OPEC’d again — by the illustrious idiots pretending to be in charge of this country. No one is in charge. I must confess that, for many years, I’ve had the distinctly nauseating feeling that no one has been in charge of the crooks who populate all the political parties in this land of liberty and opportunity. The liberty’s been vanishing for decades, and the opportunities have been going offshore, along with the liberty.

If We the People must endure bought-and-paid-for politicians, can they not at least believe in their own nation? And display at least a working knowledge of . . . anything, other than the ad infinitum rehearsed mumbling of those moronic telepromptered moments?

We are going to have to let these demented treasonous dolts destroy themselves. It is the only way we can survive this nationwide dumpster fire. They’re pouring gasoline on their own vehicles that are driven, not by refined crude oil, or ethanol, or even the mandated eco-batteries that are re-charged through diesel generators (loudly and filthily, I might add). Their limousines run on campaign cash, the dark money that gets darker all the time.

Yes, the Presidential Parade of Horribles is the Motorcade of Morons. That Snoozefest of Shysters proceeded into Scotland, where the snoozing proceeded unabated amidst the panicked alarms regarding a planet about to run out of more cold hard cash to save itself from the catastrophe that was due to apocalypse in 2000. Or was it 1990?

Getting OPEC’d again is gonna teach a lesson to the naive nerds and perverted punks who think they can re-invent the wheel, re-do humanity, and add a few sexes to the 2 sexes that already have a battle ongoing, since the dawn of time and Adam and Eve.

Of course that lesson is only temporary, but it will last a whole lot longer than the eight-week efficacy of the COVID treatment that paved the way to corporate riches and unconstitutional power grabs, particularly by the egomaniac trolls who do not live among We, the People, but who infestate us. (The correct term is “infest”. I made this word up, to better resound the annoyance factor that has become the only stock-in-trade of those quacks-on-tv.)

I wonder what those narcissists will do when the camera feed gets cut to their narcissistic supply? Pout, no doubt. The French call it “la moue,” but in the philistine USA, it’s more of a moldy mole, coming out of his NIH hole. That troll is kept in the Public Eye, to divert attention from the real news out there.

One real news out there took place, over there, in the United Kingdom. The UK is less united than it used to be, although I think the divisions now run along the lines of the patriots vs. the treasonous. There occurred on the solemn moment of Remembrance Day another one of those terrorist attacks that threaten, not only the citizens, but the lies told by the Tories, day and night. This assault on Western Civilization was, once again, and predictably, perpetrated by one of those Known Wolves.

It’s getting harder and harder for me to figure out who the real wolves are: the foreign brutes dedicated to the destruction of England, or the wolves in sheep’s clothing, namely, the bureaucrats and elected officials who do virtually nothing to protect the citizens of Great Britain.

The progresso-aristos at Westminster obviously do not realize that the Anglo-Saxon, the true Englishman, does not behave like his counterpart in the States. Protests, bumper stickers, boycotts, and other forms of public disobedience do not enthrall the hearts of the blokes with the stiff upper lips. There are no Plastic Lips on the faces of the disgracefully ignored Brits.

The quiet, silent, extremely subversive quality of the English always saves the day for them. They do not announce their intent to ignore the insanity of the ignorami “leading” their government. They do not utter a word, or care a brass farthing, about the blob in human form who, at Election Time, so boldly proclaimed he was all that he truly is not.

The true English listen to his parsed spiel. They no longer blink or bat an eye at his wussy, wimpy fashioning of pronouncements that are composed of approximately one-fourth of the Churchillian we-shall-never-give-up quotes. This coward has neither the courage nor the bollocks to quote Winston fully and outright. There might be too much truth spouting out of his mutinous and meaningless mealy-mouth.

Egad! The official codswallop is enough to turn the stomach of this American!

He keeps vowing the English will not be “cowed”, even as he’s cash-cowed into impotence. And sinks further into the public embarrassment and overt humiliation that his insatiable ego cannot tolerate.

Thus, the overblown Bozo the Village Clown proffers an historic phrase, jumbled up with the inane language-nuttery that is Modern Modern British English: a reheated puff pastry of the verbose and boringly trite palaver that is meant to appeal to that Tower of Babel that the Parliament has built out of the scum of the earth for at least forty years. That pile of human debris has become the mecca to which the Parliament of Whores must bow, lest the unassimilated rabble get out of hand and blow up the entire place, torch it, knife it, and blitz it from within.

The United States has been OPEC’d from within. The United Kingdom is getting blitzed from within. And both grand and glorious nations are being hectored by figure-heads who are lazier than a fat sow in the summertime.

Fundamentally, in the US or in the UK, the shrewd citizen can take whatever is blathered by the blooming idiot-in-office, turn it around 180 degrees, and she’ll get a firm fix on reality.

It’s my unchanging opinion that all of the people are bang-on backwards who cite George Orwell and his nihilistic, despairing book known as 1984 as having been prescient, futuristic, bravely prophetic in foretelling the world of today, the England of today, the U.S. of today.

George was a commie, big-time; and he never quite got over the abominable betrayals that he suffered from the flakey opportunistic people he ought to never have trusted to begin with. Mr. Orwell wrote a personal “fictional” rant, a furious tirade of questionable literary worth, in my opinion, because those pages offer no hope whatsoever for the future. And if a book cannot even make a stab at looking to a brighter future, then we’d all be better off reaching for the razor blades before even proceeding to Page One.

But Orwell liked money, for all of his professed pinko preferences. And so do the noble coxswains at the helm of governance in Great Britain. There have always been politicians, of any nation, who opted for wealth over duty, for bribes over moral principles. Winston Churchill was that rare exception of an aristocrat who had earned his money, the honest way, by working for it.

Who’d have thought that, by the end of the Cold War, that patriotic type of MP or PM would have vanished, like those puffs of smoke that emanated from a terrorist taxi-cab?

Orwell was the one who copied the antiseptic, meaningless, hypocritical jargon of Parliament-speak, and not the other way around. His was not the most original of minds, which probably explains his life-long cynicism toward, well, everything. That cynicism is on full display, every day, whenever the Prime Minister proceeds in his life-long pattern of coming out big and bold, and then falling apart in big pieces.

The citizenry of that Sceptered Isle are not about to fall apart, in pieces big or small. They know they’ve been deceived and betrayed, six ways to Sunday, when it comes to a government of any name, shape, or form. The silently valiant citizens of Great Britain have their counterparts in these United States. We the people are not silent. We hope to summon the valor of the individuals on an island known as the Mother Country — where civil liberties are protected for the illegal invaders and uncivilized barbarians, but those same civil liberties have been swiped from their lives, with big, braggadocio fists, and fiats, for the sake of pocketing pharmaceutical coin.

Gee, come to think of it, this same bunko hocus-pocus happened here in the States!

Great Britain of the 1970s and the United States of the 1970s have been foisted upon those nations of the here-and-now through the evil influences of evil empires beyond our shores, through the payola that noxiously buys swaths of politicians in our homelands. While We, the law-abiding and tax-burdened Citizenry, were henny-pennied into our homes.

It’s about time the swine, and their publicly paid-pollsters, got jabbed with a dose of their own medicine of dirty pool.

I do not condone or encourage fibbing, but those PR lackeys, and their snake oil canvassers, and the elected frauds, with their two-timing and double and triple-dealing, the whole lot of them do not deserve the full truth of anything from anyone, except their rewards from their Maker.

It’s damn near impossible to go from strength to strength when your “elected” government is bound and determined to cripple you and keep you weak. The usual suspects are always the ones freed to jihad and felony again. Any leader, elected to protect his nation, who willfully, wantonly and brazenly fails to fulfill that duty, he’s due for one remembrance day he’ll never forget: Judgement Day. Ain’t no way that profiteering dunce can buy or deal or treaty his way out of that fate.

Lest we forget . . .

The Day of Deliverance gains newer meaning every day on this earth as we — the seekers of truth, honor, and justice see — before our very eyes, the huge difference between Hero and Hack.