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18 February 2022

Parliamentary Punks

With energized enthusiasm, admiration, and gratitude, and with prayers, I have watched the Freedom Convoy of 2022 in Canada during the past three+ weeks. With just as much sadness, I have analyzed the fix that the country of Canada is in, and has been in — for decades.

My childhood and adolescence in the Northeast of America taught me several things about Canada:

(1) Do not ever listen to or read Franglais; it will ruin your authentic French French.

(2) The citizens of Canada do not aspire to the democratic ideals that motivate the people of the United States.

(3) The aftermath of nutty Pierre Trudeau and that nutcase wife will live on . . .

And so those demented socialist ideas, set into action long ago, live on. They are living themselves out, to this very day, in a country that never quite got a handle on being a nation, on being governed. During the past few weeks, I have diligently searched for checks-and-balances — in any deeply binding constitution of Canada — that limit the powers of an executive, a legislative, and a judicial entity.


That Charter of Rights is about as vague as any foundling nation can get. And the confederation of those provinces into a Canada in 1867 occurred just after the Civil War in the United States. Already, that rebel country, born of a fiercely fought revolution, had fought bloody battles, many between actual blood-brothers, over gross problems of inequality that had existed since the penning of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Which, for me, begs the question of:

Why does Canada believe that it is a constitutional democracy?

There are elections, yes. But the votes serve only to entrench politicians who do not represent The People, and probably never have. Those politicians represent the parliamentary system. And the parliamentary system is, in my opinion, a bad idea for governance, one that has only gotten worse since the end of the Cold War.

The moneyed elites exist to suck off and rake off the productive industries that must pay the Federal Canadian Government to harvest the natural resources — that are vested with the Crown. Shooting a deer in the King’s Forest is now equivalent to a trucker protesting for liberty from tyranny.

Those privileged usurpers-in-charge are also awash in looney uses of the grotesquely-gotten monies from taxes on the workers of those parliamentary-style nations.  Those countries are sucking air in terms of real, economic productivity. The much-relived Rothschilds in Europe are not the powerful power-brokers of the 19th century and the early 20th century. Those trust fund babies are like every other globalist trust fund baby, coping with a shrinking pot of legitimately earned coin. This deplorable fact is why the workers of the world are called deplorable, and terrorists, and irredeemable creatures of subhuman traits.

Yes, the Nazi Germans used that ploy. Yes, the U.S. Constitution, during too many years, disenfranchised slaves. The 13th Amendment, the abolition amendment, took care of that obscene injustice, at least in constitutional terms. The Democrats in the South found their own ways around the laws of the U.S. Constitution, a political tradition that continues to this very day!

The 14h Amendment deals with equal protection under the laws; and We the People, in America, are currently engaged in battles on several fronts to regain those constitutional rights, especially after the election heist of 2020. The Democrat Party is well-versed in deprivation of civil liberties granted in the Bill of Rights. After the Civil War, it was the Democrats who employed the one-drop rule to arrive at their dehumanization of a person in order to maintain their white-power structure. The guvmint bullies and cowards of the new millennium are tacky retreads from the Gilded Age.

I’m at a loss as to whether or not Canadians possess a Bill of Rights as part of their Constitution. That Constitution Act of 1982 appears to have been deep-sixed, lately; and I must wonder as to the true independence of any nation that still must deal with The Crown as part of their sovereignty.

And how about freedom of speech?

The CBC propaganda-machine got their budget tripled for, I am sure, re-tooling. The Commissar-CBC got fully digitized by this power-freak PM when first he seized the pre-dictator reins of horsey-power. He’s just about beaten that free-speech horse to death. Granted, digital-breaking news has gone over the top of that CBC barn to report to the masses, but that propaganda-barn fully intends to do its part in building the fully just social credit score.

How did Canada come to this fascist pass?

Maybe freedom of expression was never a quintessentially Canadian right, or even a desire. Many of the millionaires on the conservative side of the media-aisle turned out to be just as corrupt as those on the left. The historic pattern of Canadians coming to the U.S. to make it big in news&entertainment started long ago, and the Canadian puppet-government does not forgive a flight-risk.

The great Lorne Greene, who founded the Lorne Greene Academy of Radio Arts in Toronto — in 1945 — he’s yet to be inducted into the hoity-toity CBC Radio Empire Hall of Fame that grew out of his little radio studio during World War II. Once the media gets Lenin-ized, and then Stalin-ized, and especially by a pervert PM, well, there’s not much turning back, just looking back.

Looking back, the fall of Canada looked a lot like the fall of France, with the cabinet ministers and members of Parliament fleeing their posts and leaving the Capital an Open City. In this woke-Capital of a dysfunctional Canada, the PMs stayed away — for their own personal safety and the continued liquidity of their bank accounts. They were resting their voices to express their outage . . . later. After the dirty work was done by others.

If the Canadian constitution was truly born in 1982, then the nation of Canada has quite a ways to go in securing those rights and liberties for which countless patriotic countrymen in America fought, over two centuries ago; and, for which, at this moment, the patriots of America still wage pitched battles to guarantee full and unfettered protection.

Liberty is a gift from God that must be protected daily, even nightly, against the usurpers on this earth. The PM is a ghoulish usurper, but he is also a profane symptom of the ungodly governors in that land.

That not-so-little matter of due process seems to not be a fundamental charter right for the people of Canada. I am unable to find any lawsuit arising from the past 2 years of the citizenry being deprived by any government — provincial or federal — of life, liberty, property, without due process of law; and from being denied the equal protection of the laws. The laws appear to favor only the Prime Minister, the yes-men in the Cabinet, the cronies who surround him.

I write as a citizen of California where the tinpot Governor would have gone full-on Justin Fascist if he could have, and don’t think he didn’t try!

The next time you think a guy with a compulsively combed bouffant and pasty-white, soft hands is working hard — or at all! — for the working man, I hope you’re prepared to be screwed monetarily, again, and cheaply. I don’t necessarily mind a political parasite, just a cut-rate one.

Today, around the globe, the dehumanization of blue collar workers depends upon a puppet-media, covering up for the puppet-leader, covering up for the puppet-masters.

It all makes for grand theatrics on digital devices.  The long-term solution, however, is to progress from the wide-screen street-theatre to a plan that demands a bill of rights for the citizens, built into a framework, such as a constitution that is not a late-Cold-War relic.  Use the liberty money and the noble energy and the precious ticking of the clock to dismantle a parliamentary government that has a stinking lock on any election in order to perpetuate the multi-national money flow to the haughty technocrat elites. It’s Vichy, all over again.

Why! That horrid and outrageous spectre of a money-laundering operation that the Punk Parliamentarian hasn’t yet cornered:


I admit to having long held a certain dismissive attitude toward Canada. The persons with whom I have dealt from the nation to the north of me were not what I could consider kind or complimentary — to me or to my country. For the most part, they blamed America for the problems that Canadians brought upon themselves; and I took umbrage at what I thought, and felt, were gratuitous swipes at my country — which too many of those Canadians mocked as a banana republic during recent years.

People in denial act with hostility toward the truth. And I am now certain that a dangerous percentage of Canadian citizens has lived in denial about the shoddy governance of their country — which has been ongoing for decades. Ergo the condescending smears of my nation by horridly naive individuals who believe that their federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with its Crown and its Governor General, is morally, culturally, and philosophically above the USA. Europe-West is sooooo civilized, compared to the real West, those hicks and cowboys, brutes and rubes in America.

The Canadian anthem of “God save the Queen” has been revised to “God save Canada” by a puffy-faced PM punk, drunk on power and greed, aided and abetted by nameless, faceless goon squads. We patriots in the USA are currently engaged in saving America. The British citizenry ought to be working to save their coming-apart United Kingdom. Bozo the British Clown just announced that the Russian invasion of Ukraine would mean the destruction of the democratic state.  (My word, yes, I have always thought of Ukraine as the glittering jewel of democracy.)

Uhhhh. How about Canada becoming Cuba during the past 2 years??? How about Canada becoming a thug police-state dictatorship within the past week?

The PMs in England and Europe must instead vigilantly obsess, along with our Christopher-Pike-Prez, over: Ukraine.

Yes, I know, Bojo and the PMs in Europe have been frantically busy. Waiting to see how little boy Justin and his sleazy Schutzstaffel fare with the fascist dismantling of a Western democracy.

While Canada slept, or got stoned on pot, legalized by this Luv-Hug-PM and the wusses in Parliament, their nation went up in tyrant-smoke. In a matter of days, an obscenely cowardly Parliament permitted the plunder of civil liberties that previous generations of patriots had served and died to protect. Pride, aka hubris, goeth before a fall, and the hubris of Canadians blinded them to this reality closing in on them.

One native Canadian with whom I interacted over the course of five years was an elementary school principal. It was largely through my interacting with him, and his arrogant sense of superiority over me (and other moms), that I took the final big step into home-schooling. He was smug, supercilious, certain that global warming was about to kill the planet (no biggie to him about humans augering into atmospheric armageddon).

He was from that St. Lawrence River valley that is the in-the-ozone rust-belt population blob of Canada; and he graduated, with honors, from McGill University. It soon became clear to me, from his discussion of American universities, that we dullards here in the States cannot hope to ever attain the societal and cultural nirvana that the southeast of Canada has achieved since the 1970s.

Oh, great, I remember thinking. Another northeastern (for me) elitist.

We got along only because he was smart in one respect: he knew enough to know that I would unfailing act (make good) upon my word. My experiences with this utterly insufferable snob were real-life lessons in the type of native Canadian that runs riot over civll liberties as if it is his duty to do so — as a fundamentally superior human being to those of lesser status.

This man was a Bible-thumping fornicator, and he did not play by the rules because he did not think he had to. Even as a puny educrat fonctionnaire, he felt entitled to live outside of the rules of morality that the little people play by.

This type of morally smug hypocrisy is off-the-charts nowadays. I think that two-faced phoniness has always gone to extremes because that sort of emptiness inside a human being does not have an internal barometer or regulator, i.e., a conscience.

The current High Chancellor and Emperor of Canada, the punk commie-dictator of bizarro behavior, he will likely be re-elected, come the next election that pretends to be in the name of the people. Until the people of Canada demand that THEIR government be governed by a real constitution, with a legal system that is a true check upon any tyrannical tinpot, and not a group of bewigged barristers who pronounce judicial findings that have no weight and no effect upon even the most execrable and immoral executive action — then the people, or peoples, of Canada can only have sympathy and prayers from the citizens in a country like America.

The 21st century arrived unawares in many so-called democracies of the world. Technology of a new sort, with digital distractions from big and growing problems of living and working freely, that technology worked very much to the advantage of the repressive stooges whose insatiable thirst for power indicates a hollow internal core. The evils of those morons in high places are on full display now, via the technology that the gluttonous and out-of-touch glitterati still think can control the millions and millions and millions of individuals on the face of the earth.

The cesspool cities from which just about every one of those pompous elites garner enough votes to shimmy up the greasy pole of pay-to-play politics, those cesspools are rotting ferociously. I personally think that Herr Trudeau is waiting for a pretext to nationalize the trucking industry, to strip those independent contractors of their independence, their livelihood, their very lives.

It must be a hell on earth, to live with that much vitriolic hatred in your heart, in what is a vital organ of red-blooded and life-affirming emotions for most people. All that the petty vicious little man in his play costumes possesses is an endless lust to lash out at the world because he is who, and what, he is.

I know well that type of person. The phoney rictus smile; the unctuous words that never fooled me; the vengeful malice, aimed at me, that drove her nuts. She was the woman who gave birth to me, though I struggled to call her mother.

Canadians must indeed struggle to call this malevolent, self-destructive bastard a Prime Minister. They ought to struggle even harder to determine the future of their country, amidst myriad forces that wish to doom Canada, and the patriotic Canadians.

The rugged individualists in the hinterlands, the heroes with the big-rig trucks and the loving wives and children, and the dogs who didn’t get euthanized out of vile spite: they shall weather the ice-storms to come from the heartless in their Parliament. Those elected worms, if they don’t watch out, they’ll get stepped on as they slither along their plunder-and-profit paths of the sleazy sidewalks of the shithole city.

The cities — those global cities — of our planet Earth, they are about to be served the just deserts of electing men and women who are destroying them at leisure, with pleasure, and without a shrug of any conscience.

What goes around, comes around. The parliamentary punks are young turks whose grasp of reality was never good. The bubbles they inhabit are bursting. No longer can they monopolize the broadcasts that smear the rest of us, the great unwashed, the proles, the lumpen, the riffraff, the rabble, the undesirables. Yes, Adolf hated them too.

The silent majorities are silent no more. We, the People are not to blame for the undoing of the worlds the punk parliamentarians sloppily built on avarice, malice, and all of those mortal sins that prove they are, after all, mortal — and bound for hell.