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1 August 2020

Parting Gift

The Trailblazer

He didn’t know where to go,

or even how to leave.

He’d seen the evil

in the hearts of too many

to be able to grieve

before he went away,

determined to leave

all he’d ever known,

carrying with him

the hope

of returning one day

to his home . . .

He did not look upon himself

as brave or even wise,

as he took the trail

that led away

from the clever disguise

that called itself a home.

In truth, he was not one to roam,

or even try to blaze a path,

but to wander, once in a while,

until that fateful moment arrived

when he saw his tomorrow

while his past burned

on a funeral pyre

of words and deeds

meant only to deceive:

they were the truths

he’d fervently believed.

With sorrow in his tender eyes,

he blazed a newer trail that also

was disguised

with fury and with pride,

moving toward a noble goal.

It was a trail that blazed

away from any home.

This trail led him to a

lonely town

where, by accident,

he found

a house beside the river’s


a quest that would never end,

a woman who became his friend.

She was without a home,

and the knowing of it

filled him with woe.

Her eyes were his mirror of his soul,

without spirit, without hope.

Yet green was her valley

and bold were her days,

lush were her nights

and strange her ways

of speaking

and hearing

of believing

without fearing.

Soft her eyes

upon his own,

too soft for him to


his own pain.

She was a wild dream

he could not enter,

and so she left him

one moonless winter.

She was a trailblazer at heart.

She’d eyed him with distrust

right from the start.

He could only lead her astray

this day, or that day,

or any day,

when his eyes would wander

and look with hunger

at sights she already knew

too well:

Those sites paved the path

to hell.

She left him there,

at the river’s bend,

hoping his silent sorrows

came to an end,

hoping he would find a home,

wishing his heart could roam

to fields of dreams that

might come true.

In her heart this truth she knew:

he would stay too long

with the people doing him wrong.

She walked onward

toward her future

with passion in her heart.

She walked onward

toward her life

with the passion of his heart.

In her mind, they weren’t meant

to part.

In her mind, he was going

in the wrong direction.

In her mind, he was a fool

who wouldn’t listen.

In her mind, she no longer

listened to any word he’d said.

In her mind, he was almost dead.

Upon one solemn summer’s eve

she no longer had to grieve:

she heard his voice in a dream.

He had found his home at last

the beginning was the

ending of his anguished past.

He’d blazed a trail toward

the midnight of bright light,

his path of glory came in sight,

and he caressed it with delight,

this eternal embrace of Home.

That celestial open sea became

his mansion of pacific calm.

No longer did she fear

his fate.

No longer did hope have

to wait.

She learned to hope

in ways she’d never known.

She learned to dream

in dreams unknown.

She learned to hear

silent prayers

and to receive

the gifts

the Trailblazer bestows

to anyone

who waits and hopes

and dares to truly live.

26 July 2020