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4 July 2021

Posey’s Clobbered

Ten years ago, on 6 April 2011, MLB Giants catcher Buster Posey was wiped out at home plate by opponent player Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins, coming in for a crash landing, and trying to score on a sacrifice fly. A desperation move, if ever there was one.

The News Announcers ALL said, one after another after another, on their various broadcasts:

Boy, did you see Posey just get clobbered? Posey just got clobbered. And there is Posey, getting clobbered. Boy, was Posey clobbered!!!

Online, there must have been a dozen clips of the clobber-reportage. And, yes, there could be no doubt — since you were watching it with your own eyes — Buster Posey just got clobbered at home plate. Major League Baseball did the right thing and blamed the guilty player — the perpetrator — for attempting to crush his opponent from succeeding with any further catches and home runs.

This man-to-man collision prompted the MLB to adopt Rule 7.13, otherwise known as the Buster Posey Rule:

“A runner attempting to score may not deviate from his direct pathway to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher.”

Ah! The good old days of Major League Baseball, when all the team owners worried about was the steroid use by players being found out!

Recently, the relentless repetition of the latest mantra of untruthful sound bites online, otherwise known as Online News, reminded me of the Posey’s Clobbered looney litany, except in Posey’s case, the words actually fit the action.

Enter into your search engine any honest attempt at facts and figures, and you will see screen-load after screen-load of the same corporately approved dribble. Whether the venom comes from the Left, or the timid drool comes from the Right, the Keyboard Journalists are hard at work, clobbering the First Amendment at Home Plate; clobbering sentence structure; clobbering logical, coherent thought; clobbering even the American English language!

The News-Personality Show template, where there was very little real news, and even less personality, has been replaced by the News-pinion/News Aggregator/News Exaggerator website template. A video feed is tossed into the mix, just for some optical fun, cause Lord knows the words are not enough!

Yet there are so many of the cloned words!

Most of these carbon-copy news-pinion pieces feature the Pen-Named People who actually believe they can write! For a writer like me, the experience in reading their keyboarded poppycock has been a lesson in tolerance and torture.

“Hi, I’m Cheeky! I used to be a macro-system economist at OMB.”

Work as an economist — anywhere — defies the notion of living in a real-world. But, then, for an American to have pidgeon-holed his days away, Bob Crachit-like, at the Office of Management and Budget — and in D.C.!!! That entry on the resume, or as the French like to say, CV, is not a feather in anyone’s cap.

Marley’s ghost will follow you everywhere! Oh, what a heavy chain you forged in that DC sinkhole.

Having lived and worked in the District, I can soundly verify that the taxpayer-paid bureaucrats of the Federal Government of the USA view themselves as the heirs to Versailles. We peons in the provinces, even in fly-to country, are merely to be taxed, regulated, and confined to our germ-free spaces.

We’ve got a crazy Marie Antoinette, donning her Melania wig, and slurring her words at a microphone, somewhere in the bowels of the system. But we do not have a King Louis the Sixteenth, or the Fifteenth, or the Fourteenth, or any number.  Our emperor-fraud can’t even count.

But do not dare to input anything offensive about those dolts on your globalist-underwritten website; and do use quotation marks around “certain truths” deemed unutterable or untypeable by your Overlords of your Cyber-Propaganda that you somehow believe is an exercise of your 1st Amendment, or free speech rights.

You’ll get crypto-zapped by those Dark Forces out there. And you’ll cease to exist.

I can’t take anymore of their cowed, lazy non-existent genius. The Corporate Newspinion-aters are worse than the sheeple they must try to con.

And there are hundreds of them, online, the sheeple-sham-herders. They’re almost as offensive to an intelligent, linear-thinker like me as are the Online Globalist Corporate Head-Hunters, such as . . .

indeed, which is a subsidiary of the online Japanese company, recruit — headquartered, where else, in Austin, Texas.

If you look at the lower-case “i” in those two kindergarteny names, the film The Incredibles has been pathetically ripped off. There would be a Disney-lawsuit, except I think these noxious creatures all swim in the same fetid corporate swamp.

The rule of naming-thumb for these preposterous websites is: If there are multiple words, make it one word: glassdoor (but no glassceiling); snagajob; getwork; Scouted, the one-word wonder that combines the dating search with the job search, using match-making hook-up digital technology;

And, my favorite of all the goggled fraud sites: Linkedin, which is account-driven, to snatch all your marketable data in one fell swoop.

Oh, I almost forgot the grand-daddy of them all, the cookie begetter that was completely unknown to me until now: Monster.

You, too, can get clobbered by the creepiness of cybersphere godsend algorithms!

Yes, indeedy, this Info Society and Knowledge Nation that got pitched to Americans in the 1990s have revealed the stupidity of all involved in that slimy swindle of our vast potential, especially of that of our children. I do vividly recall a worried home-schooling mom telling me, in the year 2000, that she wanted her son to have a Job of the Future, one of those information jobs.

“And what precisely is that?” I politely queried her.

“A computer operator.”

“That job is a s—-job. A glorified keyboarder.”

“Well, then,” she smugly said, “He’ll write code.”

The very next year, this woman and her coddled oldest child, The Son, her five younger children, and her HVAC-self-employed husband moved (high-tailed it) to Oregon. To those jobs of the future.

The problem with dealing with people who are ignorant about so many truths in life, and who do not wish to know anything about those truths in life, which could free them from that ignorance, that problem is one of infinite patience. You must wait for the world to crumble down around them, and then pray that these individuals have learned enough to not repeat the same darn stupid mistake the next time!

Me, I do not easily abide sheeple.

“Let My Sheeple Go” is not my rallying cry to the Idiots-in-Charge. The sheeple and those dunces have so magically found each other, and paired up, or CONNECTED, in digital-world. I say, let them have at one another, in true Posey-clobber style.

I’m just gonna have to take my chances, and give up any attempt at stumbling upon online accuracy. Forget about digital truth!

I can light my journey — the way I always have, via those intuitive incoming signals.

Today’s news flash came to me this morning, while I was putting on my makeup. I actually called Dear Husband upstairs to my beautification zone, lest I dim any of those instinctive flares by going to him downstairs.

The hot-off-the-clairvoyant-press headline told me:

Swampland Smoke and Mirrors will one day give way to Real Eyewitness News, and lots of it.

I haven’t a clue who that eyewitness will be, or how many of them there will be. The night has a thousand eyes, and the actual truth of who’s in charge of our country will become known to us, we the patriotic Americans.

Until then: A free America’s getting clobbered.