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Black Flag Day

20 November 2021

Last week, Dear Husband pulled, out of a delivered mailing box, a flag. The Bronco flag, to be specific.

“Why is it black?” I asked.

“Cause our Bronco is not coming,” Smart Spouse answered.

Today, Mr. Milligan has been informed (because Mrs. Milligan has made sure to be COMPLETELY left Out of the info/email/alert/update Loop on this one) — that We Have Been Chosen . . .

Yes, through the magic algorithm of yet another sneaky sales gimmick, the Ford Corp has selected this Milligan Twosome for the 24 January 2022 Start Date to Construct The Bronco of Their Dreams.

Somehow, I am not thrilled about this news. I’ll believe the Bronco when I see it. Not that I do not believe in miracles, on 34th Street — or elsewhere in America. And Papa Milligan has just reminded me that there’ll be no watching of that Christmas movie, or any other, in November.

I’m too busy anyway — with my own miraculous creative work.

This winter, I’ve got the staircase of my dreams to decorate for Christmas. The decor-construction materials are looking mighty good on Norton’s U.S.A. Highly discounted, fantastic quality, with quick shipping and safe arrival to my post office box. I do not, however, understand why Norton’s Christmas decorations are divided into Elegant and Fun. The elegant choices look boring, while the fun ones are really fun — that I shall transform into elegant!

Dear Husband was so excited about The Date that he ventured onto the Bronco6G forums this morning. (I try to explain to my spouse that happy people do not forum.) The mood there can only be described as manic, and then depressive. You know, like the national state of mind on any given day of this past year!

The number of prospective customers who reserved their Dream Bronco on the First Day of its availability — who still have not been notified of a Build Date: that number is big, and growing. And those Americans are miffed. This final delay date was the last straw for them. They now get to stew over the Christmas and New Year holidays — and await something new to grouse about in 2022.

As for me, and as for Hubby, we look forward to every New Year. The Black Flag Day of 2021 can only lead to newer flag days, all of them with the spirit of the U.S.A.


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