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Kissed by the Wind

9 September 2023

Kissed by the Wind

My Jolene

is a beauty queen


more than that —

She’s kissed

by the wind,

and that’s a fact.

Her mommy is

Ginger Snap;

her daddy is Mikey

He likes it!

And I like it too,

what faith and love

and charity

can do!

She came to me

on the wings

of love


the Lord above

and from

Ogden, Utah.

While I cannot


exactly why

her fate

has crossed

with mine,

I can attest

to the

very best

of intentions

every time

I see her eyes

look at mine:

to love and protect

this sweetness

in life

to defend her

from ev’ry strife

and to share with

this proud princess

all the adventure

that is the essence

of owning and loving

a beagle.

She’s adorable

and regal

with those softly pleading eyes

that come as no surprise

from a champion companion

who is Windkist.

Her registered name is:

Jolene du Pré

(Jolene Of the Meadow)

Windkist Talking in Your Sleep.

She certainly will keep

me turning the page

to whatever the next phase

of life will bring to us


being kissed by the wind

is a never-ending


of love.

Debra Milligan


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