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Noël 2022 - Gifts from This Writer

Noël 2022

Gifts from This Writer

Twas the night before Christmas

and I will not deny

I was editing scenes of a novel

on the sly.

I’d been surly-grouchy

the day before

trying to figure out

things I’d not figured out

of yore . . .

In the 1990s

when weirdness

began to seep

into every page

of published PC-Creep.

I thumbed through a book,

Unplug the Christmas Machine,

written by two eco-queens

advising the pre-woke world

on Recycled Holidays

for the Secular Dummy

(twas a gift in 1992

from me to Dear Hubby).

What was I thinking?

I asked in anguished pain.

You weren’t thinking,

the reply from My Muse

laughingly came.

When I was through

with this hideous reminiscing,

I asked for permission

to throw out this paperbound bilge

of a Boomer ego-trip.

Dear Hubby turned away

from the kitchen sink.

He spoke not a word,

but went straight to his work,

and, with visions of tossing out

other supremo jerks,

he headed outside

to the garbage can

to perform his duty

like a heroic man.

Thus, by putting the 1990’s

where they belong,

I broke out in song:

“I’m dreaming of a White


just like the ones

I used to know.”

Twas the night before Christmas

when all through the house

the soothing aroma of homemade

chicken soup

told this domestic mouse:

Even though this year

has seen grievous pain,

the faithful traditions remain

to cheer those of us

who truly do love

and trust

in the Lord.

And with that celestial accord,

I permitted myself

one last look

at a scene

in the un-written book

where Riego speaks

of ardent love

for the queen

of his silent heart.

Then I closed the laptop.

This writer hereby exclaims

ere my fiction flies out of sight:

Merry Christmas to all

and to all —

a good night!

Debra Milligan

24 December 2022


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