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Working Notes - A Cowgirl's Prayer

Frontier Themes: A Cowgirl’s Prayer Thank you Lord for helping me through the night, Thank you for helping me see the Light. Thank you for giving to me this day, Thank you for teaching me to pray.

Thank you for keeping safe all that I hold dear, Thank you for guarding me from fear.

Thank you for blessings great and small, Thank you, Lord, for one and all I call my own and even for those I must disown, I thank Thee for those lessons in forgiveness, I thank Thee for the trespasses that I witness, for they keep me humble, and they keep me strong; they tell me bitterness

is the human heart gone wrong; they tell me how hatred can tear asunder every thing that love has built with wonder. And so Dear Lord, I thank thee for the truth. And with that truth I gird my loins and test my spirit And enjoin My heart from rancor or despair

I go forth freed from fear into a world far from perfect but also far from dereliction of your love. I thank Thee, Lord for Thy trust. With that trust I will abide and work tirelessly within that miracle called life. Debra Milligan 5 February 2020


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