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August 2018

The other day, I was in a state of pique over the garbage gut glitterati intruding, like putrid saltwater, into my search engine results for vintage Chanel and Guerlain makeup advertisements.

“I didn’t ask those K people to show up while I was looking for the Beautiful Natalia!”

Dear Husband tried to verbally explain to me the reasons for the junk-data littering up so much of the web-scape. Spoken words did not suffice: I became even more visibly confused about this situation that, to me, has only gotten worse during the past few years.

And so my Civil Engineer sat down and composed these laser thoughts. They are his second guest post!

After reading his illuminating explanation, I can now conclude that the Internet has a severe case of the Fortissimo Factor, except in visual form. I’ll call it Visual Vertigo.

Just like the screechers and screamers who have very little effect in the Real World, the amount of crass sights on the computer screen appears in INVERSE proportion to the actual, present financial success of the Influencers on the Internet, those narcissistic peddlers of their non-talent.

They’re Unreal!

I’ve also affirmed my hunch that all of this mumbo-jumbo from these Internet selling platforms and marketing machines about their mysterious algorithms and secret SEO clues (Search Engine Optimization puzzle pieces) is the mouthing of a bunch of hooey and hype while they lure even more eager-beaver-sellers into their fishnets of Internet exploitation.

Any business that doesn’t put its cards on the table about how it deals with business is fraudulent from the start! The only people who get rich from Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes are the people running the schemes, known in the real world as scams.

Get Real!

One role model not to follow is the Old West character who realizes with his dying breath: “He never done me a false move till he killed me.”

For a delightful dose of true reality, and to realize the stupendous sensation of the sky opening up for you — please proceed to read the lucid logic and concise wisdom of Ron Milligan:

It is unfortunate that the online tabloids are so focused on pop tarts, trashy Euro-Royals, and other celebrities without talent. But this type of chatter has been a large part of the tabloid marketing product through the years (starting with printed scandal sheets right through to the internet side bars of today). The focus of the reporting (the people who claim to be victims) are actually looking for a way to leverage this free publicity for their own gain.

In the internet realm, the public may initially only look at these people as a mindless distraction from reality – a sort of peep show. These exhibitionists begin to build a following based on this type of click bait. Then they start to sell their own exploitation through a “following” on twitter, and then they launch a provocative reality tv show to create more of a following. They then approach advertisers and marketers to sell their increasing notoriety through naming rights and appearances (while they still can cash in).

Some of the money is funneled off and diversified into real investments (real estate, stocks, bonds). Other money is spent on endless self-promotion. And a significant amount of time and money is also spent on manipulating “Search Engine Optimization” to continually shove these people into our search result spotlight.

These exhibitionists spend a lot of time tagging every story, post or image about them with common search terms related to certain brands or activities. Or they hire an army of people to do the work for them, since they’re inherently lazy.

Given the sheer volume of their vanity, stories about them and images of them swamp the Search Results and Info Feeds to our computers. There now exist software blockers for you to buy to wall off the weirdness from your web screen.


The Net Worth of these people now goes well beyond click-bait revenue. For now, they also have naming rights and the value of other investments they have siphoned off from these games. One thing they do not have is any real business skill to create a tangible product. They cannot run a company, truly design a product or create art. Unfortunately, an exaggerated estimate of the value for naming rights skews quotes of their Net Worth.

The “news” article discussing the “value” of the twitter “advertising” is based on both an over-estimate of views from twitter and the value/cost of magazine advertisements. In general, most advertisers do not get much response from twitter campaigns.

The public is getting very wise to these phonies, and weary of them. And so, the flood of “news” about them is a response to this fatigue factor and steeply waning interest.