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15 August 2021

The Shrinking American Giant

I am moving on from whatever moving sale might, or might not occur, at this Bay Area online business. And I am restraining myself from really giving them the business. at their online review site. I’d been so excited during this past year with their high-quality clothing that justified a fairly high price.

Maybe the parting of the money-ways first started yesterday, when I saw the phoney army camo hoodie in my Daily E-Mail, and not today, when I opened up a sizable order from San Francisco, Ca.

I know the majority of the citizens of that area are not gung ho patriots, but are anti-war peace freaks. I’ve been too sadly aware of that reality ever since Senator Barbara Boxer pushed for multiple military base closures throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I nonetheless purchased quality merchandise from a region that despises all that I cherish and hold dear. I’m not a prig about these things, or a diamond-draped hypocrite like former Senator Boxer.

Barbara’s recently been assaulted by a mugger. I doubt that Limousine Liberal ever got assaulted by reality. Glamour-Barb’s not like those liberal-peons in Oakland who are all the poorer for her having gotten all the richer by being elected to “bring those jobs home.”

Or was it, “Bring the money back home?”

My mind forgets. I do recall, however, her greedy grabby finger, the index that could hardly move for the weight of her bejeweled fingers, pointing, pointing — to wherever it was that dough ought to go. And that was straight to her designer purse. And, of course, to her fat-cat friends.

And then Barbara-Barbara-Barbara, who lies a lot, she got in on the “peace dividend” of outsourcing those jobs.

She cared!

My disappointment about this American company is decisive for me. Dashing my high hopes, hopes that typically are raised, initially, with emotion, and, then, with tangible evidence and reason, that response meets with the return label printed pretty fast on the home-printer.

Is there any worse shopping experience than a company luring in customers with goods that are good, and, then, less than a year later, the stuff starts feeling like the Chinesium that you just tossed away?

Today, I return-packaged up a recent order of 3 tees and a dress whose fabrics are nearly paper thin, in a stretchy cotton that somehow approximates the cheap Lycra-like sensations of my past.

I know it’s been a rough year for retail, and for customers alike, with the corporate-pig decisions to destroy certain sectors of capitalism in the USA. I had higher expectations of American Giant. Their “management” has evidently decided to degrade the quality of their products; and cater slavishly to the wrong crowd, a sure sign of a shrinking market share within a fiercely competitive marketplace.

That fashionista wrong crowd always clicks on the shiny new thing. Just as a bad town brings in bad customers, so does the fad-racket of a retail website attract the most flitty and fickle of consumers. That business model is doomed to fail, using the Instagram hoodie as the Iconic Classic.

A tee-shirt is not underwear to be worn outside-the-house, in a grocery store, or in whatever restaurants remain in California. The type of person who buys that kind of disposable clothing will just as readily opt for The Better Deal from the cheaper “Asian” manufacturers.

As for me, I’m hoping a business called American Pride shows up online, anywhere, and puts greatness back into the looms of this nation, not the dooms of her cities.

What’s the price of American pride?

Just the cost of a quick-and-easy return label. A portion of that inflationary liquid commodity in the gas-tank. Even more patience from a devoted spouse who drives the reject-package to FedEx. And the efficient energy of a disgusted customer, hitting the Unsubscribe button another 20 times, until the Daily E-mail disappears from her in-box.

Maybe by then, American pride can claim victory!