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December 2019

Silly Putties

Indecisive people have always extremely confounded me because of their indecisiveness, and because of my decisive nature. And yet, precisely because I am such a decisive person, indecisive people have long been drawn to me. They eventually are repelled by me because of the very quality that initially attracted them to me, my decisiveness. I was somehow found to be wanting in both reason and sympathy for even expecting someone super-glued on-the-fence to jump off of it, even to save her life. But during the time that the wishy-washy person glommed onto the commanding me, I experienced many . . . moments of silly putty.

Indecision is the silly putty of mentality. And there are, in my not-so-humble-opinion, far too many silly putties in America: people who do not know what to think about any “issue”. It is presumed, especially by marketers, advertisers and their co-conspirators, the politicians, that the Silly Putties must be told what to think.

Typically, I am almost at my wit’s end about the lack of wit involved in this futile exercise in liberty of the mind! Granted, I have always “been this way.” I am, at times, too much like my father. I recall, as a child, overhearing him telling my oldest sister about her fiancé:

“What kind of an idiot needs to take an aptitude test to find out the kind of work he is suited for?”

And those days were lonnnnng before the arrival of Generation Snowflake!

I also confess to concertedly stifling my lack of patience while shopping with a person who goes into a clothing store, spends 30 minutes looking at 3 dresses, and finally buys one of them, but only after agonizing to me, and conferring with me, about the color, the style, the fabric and the care instructions. She goes home with the purchased item, and then, the next day, returns it to the store for a refund!

That tale of buyer’s remorse comes from repeated observational experience in my life. The inability to choose with confidence, and even desire, a dress to purchase is one thing; the angst over who to vote for is quite another.

About thirty-odd years ago, and they were indeed odd years, the politics of personal indecision reigned in America. I watched with utter amazement and stunned disgust during the 1990s as approximately 20% of the registered electorate — THE CITIZENS — became the mushy-middle focus of every group ever assembled, all for the purpose of figuring how to get into the heads of the Undecided Voter.

The phrase, Undecided Voter, is an oxymoron to me. How can a person even attempt to exercise the Franchise when he, or she, has to be lied to — convinced — about the trustworthiness of the Politician frothing at the mouth to feed at the trough?! And yet, millions and millions of dollars were dedicated to the pursuit of the Silly Putty Voter.

I have been told by my Dear Husband that the war of attrition over the Undecided Voter is coming to an abrupt decisive end. The fear of God is being put into the willy-nilly Silly Putty voter by the Socialists coming out of their designer closets in demented droves. The sight of the screaming-meanie marxists is scaring the willies out of the nillies, those nervous nellies at the ballot box.

The choice has become Maggots or MAGA. It seems to me that such a choice was always there, decades ago. A designer-color, salmon-eggshell-and-turquoise flag ain’t exactly the Red-White-and-Blue of the U.S.A.

Socialism back then was un-artfully disguised by the touchy-feeling “compassion” that got too gooey; or by the hyphenation of the American identity that became too splintered (the Serbo-Croatian-Chilean-Malaysian-American was a hard sell to cater to); or by the zip-codes that changed communication devices and codes; or by the sexual identities that lost their sex and their identity.

Maggots become flies that fly away. Making America great has forever been the goal since 1776. The spirit of 1776 is alive and well, and may even be paying a visit to your town soon!

You be the judge of which group to choose, but, by all means, don’t be judgmental! Try forming an opinion. Don’t ask me for one — Create Your Own!!