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Spring 2021
SpiceJungle and Beanilla

Yes, it’s a jungle out there, and I have found the best jungle of all: SpiceJungle!

I am usually late to arrive at these paradises, but better late than never!

Last night, I discovered — online — an astounding source of herbs and spices, SpiceJungle. My spice pantry will never be the same again!

This company, founded in 2005, offers more than 500 unique and hard-to-find cooking and baking ingredients — sold in bulk at phenomenal prices.

Bulk finally has a voice!

The Beanilla store on the SpiceJungle site states that the company is “dedicated to providing superior quality vanilla at the most reasonable prices to enthusiasts around the world.” The founders of this retail e-store were motivated by their profound and thorough knowledge of this industry — the vanilla bean.

These purveyors possess something called “expertise” in their products, and in the vanilla trade.

In the olden days, expertise meant someone knew what he was doing, and he was doing it very well: he wasn’t reading empty talking points to sell a cheap product fast, and then run away with the money back to the knockoff-ripoff-company.

Beanilla is re-introducing the world to cooking with real vanilla — once again. To quote their own ad-copy:

“Not only do we source the best vanilla possible, we sell it too! High inventory turnover means your vanilla will be as fresh as possible. Vanilla beans should be moist to the touch, flexible and full of aroma. The days of dried up vanilla beans at ridiculous prices are over!”

Their next-door-e-store, SpiceJungle, is introducing the kitchens of the world to spices, herbs, seasonings and so many other culinary components — that leave those red-and-white tins and Spice Islands bottles in the dried-out dust. And these magnificent products are sold at a fraction of the cost charged by the corporate grocery store.

You also find out precise particulars, and such intimate facts as WHERE THE MERCHANDISE IS FROM, aka COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. Oh, happy capitalist day!

For me, the sales text for each fascinating and nutritious cuisine element is worth more than the item itself! These write-ups are not just Required Reading, but Desired Reading! Here we have the Peterman Catalogue for spices.

Oh, my goodness, there is a huge difference between dried herbs and ground herbs, between granulated molasses and sticky, drippy poured molasses. And, for when you need layers of pepper flavor, layers of pepper color, and layers of romantic intensity, the pepper blends shall come to your racy rescue.

This next Christmas, of 2021, the truly festive Christmas Dinner will display a zesty mix of pink and green peppercorns. For the less jubilant celebrations, such as a Sunday meal with the family and the chicken-in-the-pot, or poulet en cocotte, the French word, mélange, sets the regal table stage with five peppercorns.

The four peppercorn blend is a tasteful and elegant amalgam that produces a debonair dash of the past: “a silver-haired, handsome gentleman who has experienced the world; colorful, spicy, and ready for anything.”

Yes, I will have a sprinkle or two of that one.

The Tuxedo Blend Peppercorn is a textural work of tonal art!

Or, as the experts at SpiceJungle put it: “A dapper name for a spice that should be served at a table attended by a butler and no less than two footmen.”

Western civilization — any civilization — is making a comeback! From his celestial sphere, the very young Louis XIV looks on with royal approval.

It is hard, if not impossible, for any vendor to compete with quality at a highly competitive cost that also gives the customer abundantly accurate information, menu ideas, and laughs!

My literary — and culinary — imaginations are running wild!

Quality is the finest ingredient of Beanilla and SpiceJungle, which are located in Michigan, U.S.A. It’s just a matter of time now before quality and the United States unite to take over the retail world!