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Lunar New Year 2023

The Cold Shoulder Is Back

The cold, wet and windy January that I’ve been experiencing leads me to look online for spring or summer dresses to purchase . . .

Made in the USA???!!!

Not likely.

Not really.

Not at all.

I spent well over an hour today, examining the high-priced not-so-good goods of the Heading-into-Chapter-11 Department Stores. I then went to an American business e-tailer, and found almost the same styles, at about 1/5 the price.

My conscience plagues me during such moments.

I’ve been around the horn many times on this one. Do I refuse to purchase Chinese sweat shop dresses for a fraction of the price of the Chinese sweatshop dresses that are offered at certain Department Stores that are filled to the gills with Designer Labels, presenting the same designs that are wildly inflated by hundreds of dollars — just for The Label?

I mean, all are Sweat Shops equal?

Are the Designer Sweat Shops less morally repugnant than the knock-off coolie-wage manufacturers of women’s clothing?

Has Ali-baba broken into the Neiman-Marcus racket yet? Or did that bait-and-switch happen years ago, and I, the Consumer, am the last to know.

It’s so hard to discern reality on This Side of the Screen. I think the Luxury Retail Store Sites were the first to hawk the knock-offs, decades ago, at top-gouge obscene prices, but there’s no evidence of that ripoff, no proof to haul in front of a jury. In fact, the entire scam is a Classified Secret. Highly Classified. Top Secret.

Hush! No one is supposed to know the Elites are skimming off of that pig-profit-pile.

Me, I’m just a patriotic American trying to figure out the truth on a daily basis, and purchase threads that have not been made by slave labor. Just thinking about the cotton-picking Uighur cotton-picking makes me a bit queasy.

I nevertheless cannot possibly sew every dress that I want to wear. I can’t even find the imported polyester or rayon to buy for cutting out my own patterns, and making my own specially tailored Spring Dress.

Scouring the Net for the latest trends for inspiration turned out to be most un-inspirational. In fact, the entire experience was a downer.

The Cold Shoulder is back, I’ve noticed.

The Cold Shoulder went away for a few years, in favor of the One-Shoulder Dress, but the Cold Shoulder has definitely returned to female garb. There are Cold Shoulder Dresses, Cold Shoulder Tops, Cold Shoulder Sweaters.

The Angry White Woman Trend.

And — Black is the new color for Spring. Brown is a close back-up shade. Black and Brown are the New White.

Segmenting sections of the dress has made a fierce return to the female body. It is never a good aesthetic to slice and dice anatomy by color, shade, texture and lace.

Oh, yes, lace has made a comeback. So have ostrich feathers as trim. I think of Ginger Rogers and her ostrich gown, with the loose feathers flying up the nose of Fred Astaire, and I say:


Very sad fashions have suddenly — from out of nowhere ! — overtaken the world of womanly clothes. Colors and Styles from 10-15 years ago, ones that used to be big, are making a Norma Desmond return, or comeback:

The outfit’s the same, but it’s the sizes that have gotten smaller.

Having been through the Eternal Recession once, I ponder the even more appalling possibilities of the BidenDepression.

Here’s where Department Store Ripoffs are no longer possible. The Mall died sometime around 2017, and then it got murdered again during COVID madness.

I watched a vintage tv-western the other night where the Bad Guy got shot, once, twice, three, four times. I asked:

How many times can you kill a dead body?

We the Patriots are about to find out.