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25 June 2022

The Duck is Off

Almost six years ago, in November 2016, I kept a vow to myself and upheld a promise to The Truth:

I would cease using that propagandist g-search engine and find a less biased one.

I switched to Duck-duck-go, with the stipulation that if the Duck turns out to be as much of a sneak-liar as the G, then the Duck is off. I’ve even stated those words elsewhere on this website.

As of today, the Duck is, indeed, off.

I’ve discovered, through the informational wonders of online sensationalized — but mostly factual — news, the Brave Search. I’ve been using the Brave browser for about a year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed how much it drives the other side of the screen nuts!

Call me perverse, but I like the feeling of knowing that I’ve landed a punch or two to the people who hate America.

The official Brave Search sales pitch goes as follows:

“Since launching one year ago, Brave Search has prioritized independence and innovation in order to give users the privacy they deserve. The Web is changing, and our incredible growth shows that there is demand for a new player that puts users first.

Today we’re releasing Goggles to alter the way search has traditionally been done and to put users in charge at last. The world is too diverse for a single ranking, so Goggles opens search ranking and filtering transparently for everyone to use, share, and improve.”

I am not thrilled that the company has decided to use a wimpy cutesy name that’s presumably a take-off, or rip-off, of the G personal-data-sucking machine. But, since I already wear goggles to perform online work (the high-contrast screen glare — like the duck — has got to go), that marketing moniker is malleable enough for my mind to make use of it.

Only the Brave need move forward through these daring digital inroads into a universe that is quite real, as it defiantly thrives, outside of the weird and macabre mindset of Creepy Computer World:

an America that yearns to be free, and to live in truth.

I understand it must be quite a shock, for the hate-filled minority in America to look at the honourable majority, and then try to understand — to think — how this patriotic, high-principled population happened — while those ghouls were addicted to fomenting the Culture of Death within this magnificent nation.

Life wins, in spite of — because of — the evil that seeks to destroy it.

The Brave search engine has emerged from beta version, and I’m alpha-happy to use it as part of my search for bravery in this nation. The peaceful, joyful, calm people who persevere outside of the lewd lunacy and the dire effects of the self-destructive maniacs, we’ve always quietly gone about our business, personal and professional.

It’s the loud crowd who cannot seem to find a beneficent purpose in life, other than to cause trouble, to create mayhem and madness; and to willfully sin with a blatant sense of arrogance. Those persons are not brave, and one ought not expect them to ever exhibit courage.

There but for the grace of God go I — or anyone who has journeyed through life. The signposts are always there for anyone to see, to straighten up and fly right — toward the will of your Maker.

The Americans who use the freedoms that the brave so nobly sacrificed to ensure for them, and for future generations: they are the Americans who do not move forward into this good night. That mysterious but wonder-filled darkness blesses the men and women who fear God, obey Him, and who must somehow find a way to pray for the wantonly lost souls who refuse to be found.

It’s a sobering thought, summoning up the strength to implore your Lord for mercy for your attacker. I’ve done it, and have survived unthinkable calamity because of it. Being brave requires the humble yielding to things we cannot change. The Serendipity Prayer is needed now, more than ever before.

Being a winner demands from any triumph the repose of mourning whatever the wicked hath wrought into destruction, and has become part of the past. That past is not dead, for the Lord had a purpose for it, and still has purposes — unexpected, unforeseen, and glorious — for all that has gone before us.

Vanquishing hatreds and harm, iniquity and the wrongs done by others, that brave force moves in need of an extremely patient determination, along with the vow to the future, and the promise to The Truth — that the dead shall not have died in vain. Indeed, tens of millions of innocent souls have prevailed over the darkness, and brought to this land the type of light that only the brave can see.