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23 April 2022

The Intolerables: Goat Noise

Yes, the Intolerables out there are loud. Their bleating is very loud right now, but it’s always been loud.

The collapsing of the money-raking machines of the Intolerables is happening at a very fast rate. The teat of public funds on which they exist, that source is coming a cropper.

For me, these events are happening too slowly, and too late. But I am, oftentimes, the canary in the coal mine.

I’ve read where the Suburban Moms of America are verbally thrashing the Elites in their inner sanctums: The School Board meetings. The cops showed up at one meeting in Sarasota, Florida to shut up a Mad Mom BEFORE she had her say!

Having been told that I was OUT OF ORDER at a zoning board meeting was the cue for me to speak faster and louder. The repetition of my being called OUT OF ORDER was the signal to talk even louder. These mothers need to practice the fine art of timing in front of the Educrats swilling at the taxpayer till.

Next time, try: YOU’RE HERE ON MY DIME.

It’s long overdue for the taxpayers to have their say about how their monies are so grotesquely squandered by the imperious, ignorant know-it-all pigs at the trough.

In the late 1990s, I was alone to confront those Educrat Elites. I was quite alone among The Mothers. The Mothers called me vile names. They shrilly accused me of trying to destroy their world of wonderment — kindergarten classrooms with kitchens!

I was depriving those prigs of all sorts of tax-paid goodies for their children.

With purposeful insistence, I use the words “children” and “child” because I refuse to refer to human offspring as baby goats.

The ubiquitous and insulting use of the term “kid” is so telling, however. The children of our land of opportunity, America; and of all lands, are treated like baby goats. The presumed Teacher is the Goatherder.

The parents of these progeny are the billy goats and the nanny goats who have slept far too long in their hammocks of creature comforts — enabling the pompous pinheads in bureaucracies everywhere to annex and appropriate more and more and more parental decisions and duties. Those bailiwicks were quite willingly yielded by the parents to these empty-headed, power-monger Experts and Educrats.

The outcry from the parents of the pawns known as children, that outcry comes now almost too late. Not too late — but the clock has been loudly ticking where the control and dominance of the un-elected and elected are concerned in the inculcation of virtuous learning in this land of non-stop funds for Education.

Perhaps the lateness of the insanity-hour is the trigger for people who, for too many years, seemed not to care about whatever was going on in The Classroom.

At last, the parents got a rude awakening by the obscenity-jolts of the Goatherds who really do not give two goat-hooves about the children, about true education, about the future, about America, about anything, except their thrill rides through perversion, indecency and spitting in the face of normality.

Defining deviancy downward decisively got started in the 1990s, and it’s been steadily digging its way downward, ever since Slick Willy and his lovely wife, Bruno, got their nefarious people in there, in the Travel Office. And, then, off we were, to the Scandals that presently pale in comparison to the pornography and the laptop from hell and the fizzed-out disco queen we’re supposed to call a first lady, or even a lady.

All I can say is: It’s about time the parents of the USA woke up.

During those halcyon Clinton Years, I felt very picked-on by the Suburban Moms. Those mothers enjoyed scathingly telling me that I was anti-social for home-schooling. I was one of those black-helicopter weirdos, subsisting on the fringes of society. I was the reason why there wasn’t enough tax money for those wonderful teachers, those caring professionals who were soooo dedicated to teaching their sons and daughters . . .

What, exactly?

Few, if any, of those parents could answer that question. They showed 0 interest in the tripe being shoved down the gullets of their offspring:

Subjects that had begun to veer upon the prurient. Topics best left for discussion in the nuclear family setting. Except the Family, even then, during the Clinton Years, had begun to go nuclear on the family unit, on the sanctity of marriage, on the inviolate rights of a child to be a child, and not the Millennial Lolita and Whoever BoyLolita would be called: Louie?

The lurid lesson plans of 2022 did not just appear from out of nowhere.

The alarums of today were sounded yesterday, but rare was the adult who listened to the warnings and statements of outrage and disgust from principled parents such as myself. We were the puritanical fossils, cast to the outside of the Public School Mob. And so we left for those home-schooling adventures. We raised our children into fine, upstanding, productive and happy adults.

We learned very permanent lessons about the reckless abrogation of the duties and of the responsibilities by the parents of America of that frivolous era. Those spineless reformists enabled the Intolerables of today to yell, shriek, and scream at the sky about the Americans who finally got up off their butts and started to kick butt.

The Intolerables were schooled in their own BS by that majority of parents of yore. Those enlightened adults deemed themselves “open-minded” and “non-judgmental”, but they were, and probably still are, in actuality and upon constant display, narrow-minded and quite judgmental. Those hey-wow parents were walking on sunshine while the under-handed, sneak-thiefs in Public Education pulled off the heist of a basic decent curriculum that taught the 3 Rs, not the 3 ways to boost your sick libido.

Everything in those Government Schools was okay — safe — in a world where no one was allowed to make waves, or cause a conflict, or, horrors, form a harsh opinion. Form an opinion!

Is it any wonder that, during the past two decades, the freaks have further infested the school boards, the city councils, the White House!!

Who was looking?

Who was home??

Who cared??

And so the deviant social engineers stuck their dirty hands in with the infinite fingers of worthless bureaucracy called Public Education. That monstrosity must now be chipped away before its corroded concrete infrastructure topples whatever is left of Government Schooling.

I personally wouldn’t mind if it all fell apart and collapsed into rubble.

Of all the useless agencies in the U.S. Government, the Department of Education is, in my experienced opinion, the most useless. Federalizing an entire profession was the payback-hallmark of the human failure known as Jimmy Carter. Federalizing parenting became the most logical conclusion of that tax-paid overreach from Guvmint into Parenting.

From Jimmeh to Joe, that rotten rutted road has been paved by the Teachers Unions.

That bloated blob of overpaid bureaucrats is a bloated leech upon the heart and soul of America.

There have been more than enough whack-job parents who went along with the sordid scheme of putting the teachers in-charge of Raising The Kids. I vividly recall one Suburban Mom mocking me for my beliefs on how to raise a child. Actually, I was the lone voice in that maladjusted but lazy and libertine wilderness of suburban parents for whom having a child was all about the having and the showing off and the attention and the maniacally keeping up with the sibling rivalry and the neighbors.

Rearing the Children? That’s for someone else. Entire industries of those Someone Else’s boomed because of the American adult brats who never thought of any boom going bust. They thought only of the godless materialism that became their religion.

For me, the atmosphere felt intolerable!

During a very considerable length of time, decades, in fact, the Consent of the Governed created this shambolic mess of the Uneducated Intolerables and the Intolerable Uneducated — In Charge of America. Delinquent and negligent parents took Silence is Consent to an extreme! Believe me, I was being anything but silent during those years of the incoming tide of Nanny-State Curriculum.

I was a solitary force that stood up and said, “Not to my children, not on my time, or with my dime.”

Admittedly, if I had stood at the head of a crowd of non-consenting adults, I probably would have excused myself from being among them, and walked away from the Group!

The Intolerables are squealing and shouting about having their power taken from them. People must acknowledge that millions of neglectful parents handed that power over to the Intolerables. In a very real sense, the citizens of America passively passed many Go-Ahead and Do Whatever You Want Acts for the Intolerables. Repealing those nasty regulations and codes and measures and decrees and mandates is not a quick or easy process. The Patriots shall have to pass some Intolerable Acts to rid ourselves of the home-grown Intolerables.

The Intolerables are showing all of the malevolence that I perceived in them 20-30 years ago — or even when I was a child; and the Educrats believed they knew better than my father about how to educate me. For any child who lacks a decent parent, the consistent presence of a caring, intelligent teacher is profound. But a teacher is not a substitute for a parent. Even if that case were true, the paid slobs, dullards, perverts and sex-fiends in the classroom do not qualify for that role in anyone’s life.

Let’s return classroom sex to covertly existing between two consenting adults!

I offer as an example my recollection of my senior high school trip, to the Jersey shore. The two official chaperones, the English teacher and the Industrial Arts (shop) teacher were married, but not to each other. They were engrossed, at the back of the bus, getting a fast start on their future together, wherein the honeymoon takes place before the marriage.

The start of that wedding night began during that class trip. We the Students were chaperoning these two fully consenting adults.

The Intolerables ought to drown in the raw sewage they made of public education. Sadly, millions of Americans are trapped in brick-and-mortar palaces of unionized lackeys who didn’t arrive on the indoctrination scene yesterday. They’ve been permeating those institutions for decades. They’ve now reached the point of saturation. We’re seeing super-saturation with an awful stench!

Too many parents like myself who warned others about the rot, we were attacked as the true enemy. I guess the truth comes out, even in this cesspool setting. For me, however, I’m looking back only to write this essay.

The largest problem with America is akin to the same problem with Great Britain. It’s not the flood of illegal immigrants, although those wild hordes are vile reminders of the Corporate Pigs who hire non-Americans instead of Americans within whatever is left of our borders. The largest problem in my country consists of the Americans who hate America, just as the major problem with Great Britain is the Brits who hate Britain.

Self-loathing takes many forms. Currently, it comes in the form of so-called leaders who despise their own nations, their own citizens, their own democracies, although they ride high on the liberties secured for them through the blood of patriots. Those putrid potentates are among the most intolerable of the Intolerables because they’re profiting the most from the loudness of those loathsome creatures.

Le grand silence will, one day, put an end to the illegally installed American Intolerable. In other free nations, the big silence shall arrive when the walls of Jericho come tumbling down on these elected frauds. By then, the money spigot of the Intolerables will have gone dry. They won’t have a sound to shriek.

The sound of silence can be delightful.