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The Sultan Pope

January 2022

The Sultan Pope


Charles James Lever

(31 Aug 1806 - 1 June 1872)

The Pope he leads a happy life,

He fears not married care nor strife,

He drinks the best of Rhenish wine,

I would the Pope’s gay lot were mine.

But yet all happy’s not his life,

He has no maid, nor blooming wife;

No child has he to raise his hope,

I would not wish to be the Pope.

The Sultan better pleases me,

His is a life of jollity;

He’s wives a many as he will,

I would the Sultan’s throne then fill.

But even he’s a wretched man,

He must obey the Alcoran,

He dare not drink one drop of wine

I would not change his lot for mine.

So here I’ll take my lowly stand,

I’ll drink my own, my native land;

I’ll kiss my maiden fair and fine,

And drink the best of Rhenish wine.

And when my maiden kisses me

I’ll think that I the Sultan be;

And when my cheery glass I tope,

I’ll fancy then I am the Pope.