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Mid-March 2022

The Wrong Set of Experts

During the past few weeks, I’ve listened to one too many completely phoney self-flagellations of guilt from the Ghoulish Experts who were the specialist-prostitutes for any of a number of corporations, governmental agencies, media blobs. The waxiness of their words was matched only by the waxiness of their faces. Online images, especially in jerky bogus-guilt motion, do not a pretty picture make.

I’ve also observed and heard the words of half a dozen public health doctors and scientists who experienced a somewhat traumatic event, or series of events, during the past two years of covid-madness:

The oppressively dominating force of the Ghoulish Experts during a pandemic that was declared a pandemic before the COVID-19 virus was truly and fully scientifically known for whatever it was, and was not.

The rush to diagnose was on — without the informed consent of most doctors on the planet. Forget about the patients! They were collateral damage in this battle for big-Pharma bucks.

These men of the Noble White Coat expressed their scientifically trained skepticism of this virus, and of the various procedures, risk levels, medicines, and other topics germane to their own professions. Many of these physicians, statisticians, epidemiologists, and academicians in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, and infectious diseases had been fired from their positions, threatened with a sudden termination of employment, called bad names and demonized by Government Doctors, and then further vilified, demonized, and all but hung in effigy in the shrinking public square known as Media.

These heretics to the covidian cult were still stunned by the appalling sights, sounds, and bloodless non-sensical edicts that countless individuals around the world had experienced when they were “governed” under the Orwellian auspices of goon squads sent out to enforce a mask mandate.

I learned a few interesting facts from those emotionally-capsized men of the White Coat:

— Intensive studies, whose conclusions were arrived at through The Scientific Method (as opposed to The Science) prior to January 2020 had concluded that wearing a mask, of any kind, does not prevent the spread of a virus.

— The role of public health was viewed by these Principled Public Employees as one of counseling and informing the public, not ordering non-science-based but politically expedient directives that were punishable by fines, firing, and flogging by SWAT teams.


— Never had they envisioned a public health menace being used in this way, to empower government bureaucrats, government officials, government “leaders”, government obsessed with government budgets and government power over The People.

One doctor, a middle-aged professor of a highly esteemed University bemoaned the trashing of the Scientific Method, the offensive treatment of true science, the collapse of real consensus by researchers engaged in the methodical study of pathogens . . .

He grimly concluded:

“We have reached the end of the Age of Enlightenment.”

Oh, dear.

The Age of Enlightenment is a phrase used thusly only in retrospect. During its phenomenal evolution, it’s doubtful that even Voltaire contemplated the long-term influence and endurance of his thoughts. Well, perhaps, Monsieur François-Marie Arouet did ponder the peerless and illustrious gifts of wit, wisdom, satire, philosophy, and literature that he, Voltaire, was granting to posterity. But he might not have been as gracious, or even courteous, regarding his fellow French Enlightenment luminaries. Sizzling light bulbs are too busy burning bright to give much thought to their wattage down the pike.

Even Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier proclaimed himself to be the “father of modern chemistry”. Such humility! There certainly was no shortage of modesty during the Enlightenment.

This French aristocrat and chemist, born in 1743, formed the centriole and the centrifuge of the 18th-century chemical revolution:

the earliest modern reformulation of chemistry that resulted in the law of conservation of mass and in the oxygen theory of combustion.

This Frenchman not only dominated the future direction of chemistry, but that of biology as well. Those enormous achievements in chemistry, and in biology, flowed from his singular genius, which was not one of consensus, but of contrarian ingenuity and bold imagination. He, along with other, lesser luminaries of that époque, altered science from a qualitative discipline to a quantitative one. That scientific theory thereby replaced the phlogiston theory, a long-held THEORY that postulated the existence of the fire-like element phlogiston.

The COVID scamdemic was based on neither a qualitative nor a quantitative body of knowledge or evidence!

Phlogiston of modernity, as least in America, is that wig-wearing, fraudulent, evil little 82-year-old gnome, burning bridges that he’ll never have to rebuild. He seems not to have realized that even he went a bridge too far during these latter years of his seemingly never-ending, tax-paid profession of public-health propaganda.

After decades of outsourcing U.S. bio-med to countries such as Ukraine, this abortion of a man remains neck-deep in the NIAID, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Whatever glory he’d filched for himself from sabotaging others around him, and from deep-sixing rivals to his gain-of-function pulpit, that stolen glory is gone, gone, gone. Whatever chance he’d ever had to attain those pearly gates is also gone, gone, gone. He’s added another ring to the Dante inferno-model. Maybe he’ll conduct experiments on devil-dogs.

For a narcissist, the dimming of those white-hot-fame-lights is akin to the approach of the grim reaper. Death is what the narcissist fears most of all. How tellingly inhuman that this failed human being faked so much info and fomented so much fear, in order to prolong his own counterfeit existence as Supreme Doctor-God on God’s earth.

In the late 1980s, this Chief-AIDS-expert was The Person of the Week, every week, on a fawning news-channel in America. The vicious craving to be Person of The Minute, 24/7, must have motivated this medical quack to seek the incessant spotlight in the name of Spurious Science. That weaselly worm has known all along that his uppity palaver was pure baloney.

All those decades of his addictive boot-licking, and he ends up as the Head-Doc to another fraud without a conscience, a Commander-in-Chief who wants to know how it is that Putin invaded Russia.

Here’s the thing: Our highly paid Public Experts don’t have much of a handle on the Vision Thing, the Morality Thing, the Freedom Thing, the Science Thing, The Constitutional Thing, the God Thing.

Yes, We the People know The Thing: Vile, corrupt and incompetent, but oh so politically correct idiots are the only set of experts to be trusted.

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, being a nobleman, was politically incorrect in the extreme during the French Revolution. He and his Ferme générale (a taxing institution of its time) were detested by the fairness fascists known as the French Revolutionaries. Ferme générale (which literally translates to General Farm, or General Farmhouse) was hip-deep in the procurement of lucrative contracts. The avaricious men of the Revolution wanted to get their bloody hands on those colossal money-connections.

Those francs frankly funded the scientific research of de Lavoisier and his scientific assistants and agents. At present, money-scavenging mooches conduct the funding mechanisms of the governments of modernity. Those hack-scientists are tasked with pumping up their budgets, annually. It’s a rotten job, and the loathsome do it.

Forever stripped by the Revolutionaries of his mark of nobility, la particule de, this aristocratic Frenchman was called Lavoisier after la Révolution.  The revolutionaries stripped him of his life, after conveniently charging him with tax fraud and with the sale of adulterated tobacco.  Monsieur Lavoisier, the scientific genius, was promptly guillotined in the name of public safety and justice.

The individuals whose governmental dunces stripped them of God-given human rights, civil liberties, and any remaining shred of decency and dignity during the past two years — they can but fantasize about the fate of the guillotine for those obscenely arrogant men, and women, who used The Science in the name of enriching themselves. Years, if not decades, will be needed for many victims to purge from their minds the baneful effects of the pontificating rules of “public health” that were handed down to them, the peasants, with so much malfeasance and malpractice, and for so many foul reasons.

I think the shell-shocked scientists and doctors of that always-virtuous academia would be far less horrified by the wholesale defilement of the purity of their scientific method — if they were to ponder, in a real-world, the corruption, the bribery, and the breaches of trust that have always been endemic in any industry worth millions, if not billions of dollars. It’s laudable to feel grossed-out by the greed of your colleagues; but how sheltered is any scientist or doctor to not be even vaguely aware of the decades of unscrupulousness running riot in the field of medicine. That cash-cow was the bulls-eye for plunder by politicians during those decades.

The entire covid-bingo was a wheel of fortune that had been anxiously awaiting its spin of the profit-bottle for politicians and corporations already on the take.

Research — pure research — does not a practicing doctor make.

I suggest the pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow professors and researchers and demographers and health economists get over their virus-vapors, and start cleaning house, their own fact-finding house. The rats are still very much in their midst. They’re merely hunkering down until the next Pandemic pops up. That’s when the vast populations will tell the Experts and Politicos where to go, namely, a place beyond the guillotine.

The people of the United States had been warned long ago, by a President who truly loved his nation, loved the people of his nation, loved people. The misanthropes “in charge” of America now display all the signs of the hatred and contempt for the little guy, for the little woman, for humanity. They’ll meet their fates, one by one, and maybe sooner than later, although much earlier than they’d expect because they do not ever figure into their forged figures, their cooked-up counts, and their mock memos the high costs and the realities of living that the good people of the United States have to calculate every day.

The ethical experts to whom I listened, and, in particular, that jaded Professor of Medicine at a Prestigious University, appeared to not have ever heard of the warnings given by President Ronald Reagan regarding the mis-use and abuse of power by Government through the means of a public health emergency. (I do wonder if a few of those statements were prompted by having dealt with the Surgeon-General at that time, a rigidly doctrinaire doctor who came to be known as “Chicken Koop”.)

The prophetic, practical, and candid words of Ronald Reagan were among the first that came to my mind during that surreal month of February 2020. I recalled these words, even more, during the subsequent months of covid-hysteria. That 2-year+ con job was coordinated by elected con artists and the propagandist clowns of globalist media, foaming at the mouth to ditch a beloved and successful President and install a skullful of devious mush to rubber-stamp their maniacal plans.

Talk about needing a doctor!!

In America, the governmental assault on private medicine, on the independent physician, working to cure the illness of the patient, not to feed the managed care blob — that war on private industry began in full throttle in 1993 with the always subtle mastermind of Hillarycare. The proposed Health Security Act of 1993, offered to all Americans the Health Security Card.  That peeping-Bill piece of plastic was slickly held in the hot cheating hand of the Co-Prez, during his big show, The State of the Future Socialist Union. That piece of plastic would be fully trackable by the goons of government!

Oh, Hillary, you almost saved us all with your dream-mandated womb-to-the-tomb snooping! Those undercapitalized businesses, aka Your Doctor’s Office, would just have to suck it up and sacrifice — for the Greater Good. We’re all in this ungodly government takeover together, and if you dare to disagree, or not comply, you’ll be seeing the friendly faces of the FBI!

Thankfully, the socialized monstrosity called Single Payer died aborning.

The inexorable need, and greed, however, of politicians of all stripes, plotting to get their grubby hands on “health care”, did not end with that blatant shot at a naked power grab. I watched during the 1990s and the 2000s as Medical Reform, and Malpractice Reform got introduced by one GOP doctor-turned-politician, and the thing went nowhere.

Real “health care” reform was meant to go nowhere. “Owning the issue” (since the lawyer-lobbyists increasingly owned the AMA) was the fate of the deeply needed reform to the spiraling costs incurred by doctors due to the malpractice mania in a litigious society. The U.S. Congress has yet to legislatively pass 100% efficacious Tort Reform since the torts run the D.C. show.

Incrementalism would have to be tried for a Federal takeover of medicine: Obamacare, the healthcare reform-abortion.

Who knows what the next attack on capitalist-medicine will be called?

The crooked experts are at work on it right now, coming up with words that mean the exact opposite of their intent, their reality, their harm. Maybe the legislation will be dubbed, “Do-No-Harm Health Care Reform.”

The assault by piggish politicians and by the lewd lawyer-lobbyists on private medicine has operated hand-in-hand with the ghastly growth of the Medicrat:

the sneaky, snide, feckless public health doctors and fonctionnaires and bureaucrats who, during the past two years, ordered every single living human being how to live his or her life.

And then those ghouls and shills hid the dead bodies, hid the data that caused the dead bodies, and hid themselves from a public that deems the National Razor too kind a fate. The Patriotic Shortener must be used in other ways to treat the national illness of batty experts and their masters, the sicko politicos.

I admire the emotional honesty of that one ethical university doctor, bemoaning the horrific role that public health officials and doctors, treacherous pinheads all of them, played in this most recent and very desperate stratagem to create a crisis and then to profit, obscenely, from it for as long as they could. Milking the cash-cow instantly descended into push the clot-shot.

I continue nonetheless to ask myself if his truer reason for apprehension and disgust over the destructive actions and behaviors of those Ghoulish Experts, those public health experts who got the upper hand of this crisis is:

They were listening to the wrong set of experts.

In that case, the “disease” is more serious than I’d believed. We the People, We the Patients do not need any set of experts. We need to think for ourselves.