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5 September 2021

Tina Turner Realpolitik

At times, poetic justice can be very un-poetic.

It must have felt like a bizarre comeuppance during this past month, for the 45th President of the United States to have received what I can only believe were frantic, frustrated, furious and fearful phone calls from The World Leaders, those NATO-member heads of state who not too secretly despised a real leader, but hurried to buddy up with their new pally on the beach at Carbis Bay, Cornwall in June.

I queried Dear Husband as to who he believes called first: BoJo or Merkel.

“Macron,” was the quick reply.

If only Monsieur EU could have accepted that bug-zapper, hidden in the palm of that fierce handshaker, the tough American from New York, the blunt guy with the supermodel wife. Things might have felt differently during those horrifying weeks in August 2021 for this French banker who always seems so sure that he holds all the cards.

All the cards then came up trumps for the enemies of NATO.

Now, the free world has to get used to engaging in Tina Turner Realpolitik.

What exactly is realpolitik à la Tina Turner?

Anna Mae Bullock, also known as Tina Turner, is an American original, a musical icon, a woman who has survived more than most of us would care to know, and a force of nature that remade any song she sang into something very different, something very Tina Turner.

She was on her second, or third, re-invention of her musical self, maybe even her personal self, in the mid-late 1980s when she hit it big with “What’s Love Got to Do With it?” It was, for many of the gals I knew at the time, their theme song. And not in a good way. Her other lyrical cry of cynicism is “We Don’t Need Another Hero.”

I guess back then, in the 1980s, the world was full-up with them. Someone needs to do a revised “cover” — “We Don’t Need Another Anti-Hero.”

It’s a much earlier hit of Tina, though, that, for me, sets the stage, and makes the case for free democratic nations of the world who intend to realistically confront the current cataclysm of a Taliban Afghanistan crafted by a malicious marionette in the White House:

Proud Mary.

This one song bears all of the sounds that I always identify as the most symbolic and sincere of this staggeringly gorgeous and strong woman known as Tina Turner. “Proud Mary” was her duet with her abusive but much-loved husband, Ike. Whenever I’d play this record, with the intro to the song, explained by Tina, Dear Husband would freak out a little, and run out of the room!

Tina would explain to the audience the way that she and Ike were going to sing this song:

“Nowthebeginningofthissong — we’regonnado . . . nice ’n easy. And, then . . . we’regonnatake therestofthesong . . . anddoit . . . nice n ROUGH.”

So, you see, the leaders of the free and not-yet-collapsed capitalist Western democracies, they could have sung the NATO song nice ‘n easy. They could have paid their NATO bills to the United States. They could have paid attention to what in blazes what happening to the legitimate citizens of their countries. Each elected leader could have tried to put his, or her, nation first.

Each elected official could have taken a step back from the global cesspool of imported cheap-foreign labor that benefits only Communist China, and not the EU. The European Union is that bloated non-counterweight to the US, the envy-scheme that’s the envy of no one on Earth.

Those foreign leaders could have listened to an American Hero. And they could have believed not merely his words, but the words of their own heroes:

Disraeli, Churchill, Thatcher, Clemenceau, De Gaulle.

How can the French tradition of sniffing out a pompous foreign phoney, such as Woodrow Wilson, have died with such ignominy? Monsieur Clemenceau le Tigre nailed it a hundred years ago:

“Mr. Wilson bores me with his Fourteen Points. Why God Almighty has only Ten!”

Where is the Clemenceau of today? Being fined, or jailed, for that non-politically correct hate speech?

Can not the Europeans learn as much as the Americans from the Old World patriotic writers of the early 20th century, and from the 19th century? From the Age of Enlightenment? From the Middle Ages!

From any point in time when literature was the written record of great minds and courageous beliefs in God and country, the power of the individual, the ennobling spirit of democracy, and the inspiring vigor of capitalism.

I understand that Germany, united, divided, or anywhere in-between those two extremes, historically lacks a noble figurehead at the top of the Teutonic pyramid. Before Hitler, there was only the Kaiser, Wilhelm II, the last true German Emperor; and any ruler who states:

“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world”

— is not acting in the best interests of man, woman, the nation, or the world. He’s simply doing the bidding of the breweries and the bankers — and the woman.

Because those countries “over there” could not sing the beginning of their national tunes nice ’n easy, they must now finish those songs, nice ’n ROUGH.

Doing it nice and ROUGH enters into the fray of fretting over how does a free nation survive this infernal waterloo, created by a cowardly moral cretin in the Oval Office?

It seems that every time A Pushover gets put into the White House, the wrong people get pushed over. Once again, another barbaric pestilent anthill, filled with murderous ants, has been kicked by the clumsy American foot that was supposed to have been the satin shoe of a prima ballerina-diplomat.

The dishonorable retreat of the U.S. Government in Afghanistan and its political surrender to the Taliban, in August 2021, took place in the flagrant absence of any military strategy, along with the profaning of every moral code, word of honor, sense of decency, and Christian belief that any civilized nation holds dear, as a sign of being civilized. The current cabal running this country called America engages, routinely, in domestic matters through absolute violations of trust and with appalling transgressions against any moral obligation.

How else could this puppet government in America have acted on the international scene, when, in its own nation, the citizens have been subjected to the trampling of their civil rights, and swiftly stripped of due process, equal protection under the laws, and voter disenfranchisement?

What goes around, came around, to bite the derrieres of the heads of state, over there. Before those days, and weeks, of American Officialdom’s dirty tricks, dirty dealing, double-crosses, and copious lies to the world outside of the USA, we, the citizens, inside the USA, along with a former President determined to save his nation from further tragic harm, were very much on our own, to deal with the criminals in our midst.

Those criminals in our midst now have blood on their hands. And the chief thug, who is dismally drenched in that body fluid, turned out not to be the patsy those transoceanic globalists took him to be. My disdain is more with their lack of discernment vis à vis character and reality, although their obvious desire for an American stooge on the world stage is deeply repugnant.

The political bilge present in this nation has spilled over into international waters and lands. Cleaning up that real-life pollution is part of Tina Turner Realpolitik, at least it is here, in the USA. The Fall of Afghanistan was not the Fall of America. The failure was political, not military. The triumph, therefore, to overcome this American Debacle shall be political, not military.

Until that mission to eradicate the creepy kultursmog is realized, the traumatized foreign leaders have become part of The Club: The Back-stabbed Citizens of the World.