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Easter 2022

Unforgettable becomes Unforgivable

This song’s original working title was “Uncomparable”, which probably should have been “Incomparable”. Regardless of the temporary name, this composition by Irving Gordon became “Unforgettable” after the Suits at the music publishing company requested that the writer change the title to “Unforgettable”.

Wisely, Gordon did so, and the song was published in 1951. Nat King Cole, that next year, sang what is, for me, the definitive version of this lovely romantic tune.

All is fair in love in war, and We The People have a civilizational war going on, in the United States, in the United Kingdom, even in Europe!

I have therefore taken the perhaps unforgivable liberty to re-write these lyrics to suit a poetic declaration of determination by this citizen, among many, to right the wrongs committed by so many elected, and unelected, officials and bureaucrats.

Sometimes, a sin is unforgivable, even though we are morally bound to try to forgive their trespasses. It’s not like those people knew not what they were doing in abridging and abolishing our basic human rights. They knew quite well, and joked about it behind closed doors, that their rules pertained to Us, not to Them.

After all is fully known, and after all has been put into perspective, years, and years from now, then that healing process known as forgiveness can be achieved with clarity and serenity. Until such time, the abuses of civil liberties continue, even as the perpetrators laugh in our faces.

Wrongdoers rarely do right; and a God-fearing people rarely act with the wanton willfulness of a government gone amuck in the mire of its own corruption. The Ten Commandments are all that any Western society requires for honor, decency, and for the rule of true law to stand a chance amidst the ghoulish, grotesque, and ungodly money-lenders, money-launderers, money-grubbers, money-lovers.

What we must forgive in our betrayers are the treachery and the perfidy that they now openly flaunt as if there is no consequence, as if We the People can do nothing about their vile shredding of any constitution that has long been revered, and granted credence and respect.

Certain laws come to us from our Maker, not from the defective creature known as man. Those laws do not withstand violation by the elites of any nation, nor by the common run. It is the brutal breaking of those laws which constitute the unforgivable acts that, one day, the Lord will avenge.



that’s what you are

and insufferable

even from afar.

How the very thought of you

does things to me

with your pinhead

masks and imbecility.

Never before

has someone been more


in every way

and forever more

that’s how you’ll stay.

That’s why, Nanny,

it’s so credible

that someone so unforgettable

is so unforgivable too.


that’s what you are

sticking your nose

in my private life

from afar.

That is why

the very sight

of you


trust in any

part of you.

Never before

has Government

been more


in every way.

And forever more —

that’s how you’ll stay.

That’s why,


we’re all ready to

do away with the

sight of you.

All because

someone so insufferable

is unelectable too.