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Dr. Daniel Eugene Hunter is a scarred man of professionalism and passion. He must save the life of Edward von Atzingen from the enemy of diphtheria. This child is the son of the woman with whom Danial Hunter refuses to believe he’s fallen in love.

Celeste von Atzingen knows better. She also knows that love can be the only healer when life hangs in the balance.

Dr. Anthony McDowell is the nemesis for life and the sneaky champion of money-grubbing from any patient that dares enter his practice. Dr. Francis Redmond struggles to survive the sins of this doctor and the fears of becoming like him. The steady hand of Dr. Hunter guides this younger physician, even as it directs, dominates, damns, and presides over the doctors-in-training at Denver General Hospital.

Pavel Morosov, the Russian lunger, adds to this drama in a hospital set in Denver in 1905 during the bust part of the boom-or-bust cycle. That phase of bust is one that the more corrupt in this gold-and-silver town turn to their boom cycle; the former husband of Celeste is one of those pig-capitalists.

Love, deception, and the making of a physician of conscience are the drivers in this medical novel called SHADOW.