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4 January 2022

You Should Be Dancing

Yes, we in the USA need to pick up the pace!

The winter blahs and the New Year blues can settle into a body, but I say, shrug it all off.

The reality of the past . . . few decades came to visit us during the past . . . few years. Shocking, sickening, stupid, and fraught with fraud, crime, hoaxes, scams, lies, and photo-shopped falsehood. The major, and minor, players of our political syndicates are not pretty, so let us look away to the future that’s coming our way.

The best medicine, for now, and forever, is laughter. The second best is music, although I prefer music to comedy. And with comedy actually making a comeback, at least on tee-shirts, I have abundant hope that my nation is headed — at last — in the right direction.

How many decades have we been hearing that one? “52% of Americans think the county is headed in the wrong direction.”

Who were those 52% and were they patriotic Americans? Were they even Americans?

It is not easy for law-abiding, hard-working, God-fearing individuals to live in a country where freedom has been under assault for 50 or 60 years. And then — as if by magic — the Tee-Shirt Companies spring forth to offer affirmation, defiance, and morale-boosting. Just in 2020 alone, business was booming for libertarian gripers.

My theory is that once the “philosophy” has reached the tee-shirt manufacturers and marketers the Thinking has progressed to Action. I mean, the Americans are even quoting French philosophers!

There’s no stopping the patriots among us from advancing to a future where panty-waisted wimps and creepy cowards are finally, at long last — being shown for who and what they are. I have waited since childhood for the servile, giggly adoration of Che Guevara to dwindle to a hiccupped hilarity. When the free-market system pays attention to the masses, at last, there’s cause to celebrate.

When the ONLY fashion blunder in a liberty-loving America is to wear a blank tee, a 100% cotton made in the USA t-shirt unadorned by letters, images, logos and symbols — I’ve found my new contrarian wardrobe niche!

Of late, I’ve been scooping up thick, beefy all-cotton tees, Made in the USA by Union Labour. They’re sold at 1/3 to 1/5 the price of the stuff I bought last year from a California company, a private enterprise that started with promise but quickly betrayed it. I know, what else would I expect from a Bay-area business?

For me, the supreme victory is in overcoming my indignant bias against the ignorant bias of the union labourers of my past: dutiful workers who marched in lock-step solidarity to vote for the crummy crooked pols who promptly did them in.

I think those blue-collar workers have seen the reality-light, at least for now.

Light, the light of truth, the light of non-solar power, the light of decency, the light of dignity, the light of common sense: that illumination is all anyone ever needs to see through the dark webs of deception that have kept so many Americans blind, willingly or without their consent.

On this gloomy, drizzly day in early January 2022, I’ve had more than my share of lightless precipitation during the past month. I’ve had more than my share of sniveling punks clamoring for safety while they trample on my God-given rights. And I’ve had more than anyone’s share of building a protective bunker in my life so that THEIR stupidity does not harm me.

THEIR stupidity is harming THEM.

You should be dancing about that bit of justice.

True justice doesn’t come easy or fast or with a parade of advance PR people to pave the way for the concocted-blessed event. Real justice certainly ain’t seen in any headlines; it’s not on the internet or in the latest faux-book rushed out to cash in on the faker’s sudden celebrity.

Justice comes in small steps, a lot of small steps that lead slowly but surely to the big steps. Before you know it, the rogue wave of rebellion has swelled and has done its job.

Before too long, we the true-blue patriots will have as souvenirs of our constitutional insurgency those once-brand new tee-shirt statements and new morale patches. The year 2021 ushered in the rapidly rising . . . online sales of Profanity-Wear of truth, justice, and The American Way. The year 2022 looks to be even more profitable for professing free-thoughts of all kinds on upper-body fashion.

I personally do not know how a mother can inculcate her offspring in the propers of proper speech and the prohibition against the use of four-letter words; and, then, for Christmas, she buys 10 or 12 of the Foxtrot-Juliet-Bravo garments, in their un-euphemized form, to give as gifts to children, grandchildren, the Wretched In-Laws.

The tees wash up and dry beautifully!!! Momma Bill-of-Rights crowed in the Review Section.

It’s hard to forecast the next free-speech tee that will sell like hotcakes in this capitalist land of patriots. Liberty is part of our DNA, and minding your own business is hard-wired into our uncivilized brains.

When pitching freedom becomes the Big Seller, even among the fascist phonies who dominate vast swaths of the ether-sphere, a major battle has been won in the war of The People vs. The Elites. It shall be very intriguing for me to watch the pretender-flag-wavers try to re-brand and re-package themselves. You can smell Made In PRC products — a mile away.