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Madame Jeanette

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July 2023

For Madame Charbonnet


Madame Jeanette

Edward Lockton, lyricist;

Alan Murray, composer

Published 1936, London

Madame Jeanette

When the sun goes down

Sits at her door

In the rush

of the town

Waiting for someone

Each close of the day

Someone who fell

At St. Pierre

They say . . .


Madame Jeanette when the stars shine bright

Sits at her window and looks through the night

Listening for someone

to pass down the way

For Someone who sleeps

at St. Pierre

they say.


Madame Jeanette

She will wait there I know

'Til her eyes have grown dim

and her hair's white as snow

Wait there and watch there

Till one of these days

They take her to slumber

in Père Lachaise


In Père Lachaise.

Madame Jeanette
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