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The Silent Heart

Journey to the lush and fantastical world of Montrose, Colorado in 1895. There, a horseman named Riego Riley follows his silent heart to a woman who, initially, is forbidden him by her marriage to his curr half-brother.


Felicia Riley must free herself to love Riego. She thereby learns the eternal lesson that freedom holds the key to true love.


Cast of Characters:

Riego Riley, horse breeder and trainer, age 35

Felicia Sutton Riley, wife of Isaac, age 25

Isaac Riley, accountant, age 25

Lily, the Girl, age 16

Hugh Severs, the Leather Crafter, age 40

Ezekiel Childers, the Banker, age 60

Mrs. Sadie Bond, the minister’s wife, age 55

The Silent Heart - Reading from Chapter 7
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From Chapter Seven:


There was to his face a certain poetic sensuality, a depth of emotion that no one could touch, that no woman had touched, until Felicia looked upon that face and realized, with her own poetic sensuality, that Riego was a man who had hidden from his sensations, had not trusted his own emotions.


His was a silent heart, a land that no woman had been able to attain. That this woman, a stranger to the West, was able to tiptoe toward that heart was a miracle which Riego felt far more than she did. His life had been waiting for her. Upon that day, that sun-filled and wind-tossed afternoon when this young woman first stared at him, the silent heart of Riego Riley began to sing.


It was a whisper of melody, haunting and heroic, and this man savoured the sound of it for twas the music of love, a rare rhapsody of tenderness he’d never heard. He would never forget the feeling of that rapture. He never could; he felt it each time that he saw the face of Felicia.

The Silent Heart - Reading from Chapter 11
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