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Enthusiastically encouraged by a friend to publish her poetry, Debra Milligan now presents Voyage, a cycle of sixteen of her poems. This writing is published under the name Debra Tanis Milligan since many of these pieces were written prior to her marriage. Themes include love and loss, time, and the wisdom of art.


These poems are the ones which remained intact after the composition of her novels. More than a few poems were taken apart for use in fiction and no longer exist. Each poem was written quite spontaneously, in one sitting, often within a matter of minutes. Some minor changes were later made to achieve a more consistent meter, precise imagery, or evocative mood.

Two of the poems comprise lyrics for melodies that Debra has stored in her head; one poem awaited many years for completion. All are private outpourings of her heart. The writer hopes her poetic truth will grant to the reader memorable sensibilities of sound, sight, and even touch during this timeless voyage of the heart.

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