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Silver Dagger

Set in Truckee in 1889, Silver Dagger presents the tale of a young woman named Rory; an Irish cowboy, Kell O’Connor; and the mysterious Josée whose life, and death, intertwine with the fates of those lovers.


The sudden disappearance of Kell from the life of Rory sets into motion a hasty marriage to Jackson Parnell, a man who is unworthy of Rory, and of marriage. She and her child are cast into the clutches of an even more dastardly man, Jim Reid, the owner of Hurd’s Saloon.


Heroes were awfully hard to find that year in Truckee, California.


Filled with haunting strains of music, duplicity, and desire, SILVER DAGGER takes place amidst summer smoke and fire, and an early autumnal blizzard in the Sierra Nevada.

Themes include courage and faith prevailing over cowardice and fear; suffering through love to conquer evil; forgiveness after heartache; the healing power of love; the miracle of birth; and the mystery of redemption.

The Characters:


Aurora “Rory” Aames Parnell: Age 18. Mother of Kathleen, wife of Jackson Parnell, waitress in Hurd’s Saloon in Truckee.


Josée: Age 29. Barmaid, waitress, and friend of Rory. Her heart is torn between pure desires and pure demons.


Kathleen: Baby Daughter of Rory.


Kell Seamus O’Connor: Cowboy, Age 22.


Maureen: Pinto horse belonging to Kell.


Jackson Parnell: Age 28. Gambler and rattlesnake husband of Rory.


Jim Reid: Age 45. The bar owner with a shady past and an even more shady present.


Jake Hobbers: Age 27. The Sheriff who tries to enforce the law, sometimes against his better judgement.


Santiago: The Cookie, somewhere in his early 40s.

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Silver Dagger - Chapter One
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Silver Dagger - Chapter Five
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