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The Point of the Sword - A Reading from Chapter One
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The Point of the Sword

The powerful love story of a man of experience, forced to deal with his conscience; and of the enraptured coming of age of a girl of independence.


This lush, intimate story is set in 1925, in the town of Ship Bottom on the barrier island of Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The windswept drama of love presents Andrew Derwent, formerly of the Royal Navy, who has moved from England to New Jersey to start a new life; and Sabine Marie-Thérèse Mercier, a painter. They meet, by chance, on the pure white sands of the beach. Their lives will never be the same.


The Point of the Sword is about true love finding the glorious movement of freedom. Within the charted course of the plot line, the reader can move sail with exhilaration toward a vista of vibrant destiny. This destiny is the bright horizon that beckons these two people to voyage into the harbor of the arms of love.


Like the ethereal beauty of a luminous landscape, painted with soft brushstrokes on dark velvet, the moments of this love story touch the heart with aching tenderness. Passion and prose compose the durable pigments of this novel that depicts the arousal of desire intermixed with profound spiritual sensation.

The mystery of love and the mystery of life embrace as each person discovers not merely the other, but himself and herself, as if for the first time. In the caress of time, they become impressions of footprints upon the pure white sand. Only the vow of loyalty, one to another, will prevent those imprints from being washed away by an oncoming tide of treachery, the potential threat to any love. The steady march of time in this drama depicts, like a wave upon that pure white beach, the merging of two lives, the life of a young woman and the life of a sea captain. Those two lives find the splendour of harmony with each other and with the open sea.

The Point of the Sword presents the timeless themes of innocence educated by experience; the misdeeds of experience redeemed through innocence; heartache healed through the surrender to intimacy; the individual acting against destiny, but then meeting destiny through the power of love, true love, as boundless as the sea.

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The virtue of fidelity to one’s heart overlays the drama like a cloak of daring dignity. Love, come what may, will sail the deepest ocean, braving every storm and sorrow, prevailing over any fear or portent.


Captain Derwent and Sabine Mercer invite you to chart a captivating course for an enthralling reading night with The Point of the Sword. The wild call of the sea and of love, along with the delights of a summer when love began — they await you.

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