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Peacock is a cycle of 12 poems about the dances of love. There is one poem for each month of the year.


The writing was inspired by the wish of the author to possess once again two eye shadows of iridescent hues of blue-green and gold. She’d thrown them away, deeming the hues too garish. And then, she wanted them back.


She swiftly wrote a few poems, recalling feelings from that time when she’d dispossessed herself of those colours of adornment. Another cycle of poetry thus began.

Later that day, her husband brought to her a box of melons from a Farmer-Friend. Once she saw the peacock on the box, she knew she’d found the title for this cycle of poetry.


Peacock invites readers to embolden their colours, to enrich their dances of love, and to live life as if it has just begun.

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