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I will wait for you - cover_edited.jpg
I will wait for you - cover.jpeg

I Will Wait for You

This cycle of poetry is, quite simply, above love. The choice of any person to leave the herd, the pack, the group - to mate with another - is a brave, bold act. He is alone, free, and vulnerable. Only then can he truly love freely.


In the cover photo, the stag risks his life, to leave the herd and stay with this doe who has fallen behind. One hopes the doe is aware of his heroic act!


The overall theme for this volume of poetry came together for the author at the sight of that photo: how love is about vulnerability and being alone — not being part of the herd! The themes of these eight poems therefore run the gamut from love that frees the soul to love that imprisons the heart. The lone rider of this emotion, love, must make the crucial choice to love fully or not love at all.

The desire to live is the desire to love, the most natural wish of the human heart and the immortal soul. It is a fundamental facet of being alive, the reason for life. Love does make the world go round, but the circle is not always unbroken.


I Will Wait for You celebrates the closure of the circle of love, when love conquers fear. It also mourns the love that fear destroys. And it expresses the hope for love to find the way to eternity.

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