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The 10 poems of Lighthouse speak truth: poetic truth, tragic truth, the truth of joy, the truth of loss, the truth of love, the truth of power and the power of truth. Each poem is a beacon of light to guide the soul through the dread-filled night and to brighten the spirit to a better day.


To be a guiding light in life is to bring peace to another heart that lives in fear, to another soul in peril, to a graceful spirit that has fallen to the wayside of truth. The rewards for the lighthouse and for the lost are not seen at first. The light is dim until the fullness of time grants the radiance of truth. All then becomes clear to the lighthouse and to the wanderer who wanders no more and is at peace.

Life and death can feel interchangeable when love is the bond between a lost soul and a soul found through amazing grace.


May Lighthouse guide the way for anyone who reads these poems.

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Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
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Philip P. Bliss - 1871

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