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Bridget Memories

21 August 2019

Yesterday, almost accidentally, I found the Bridget Fabrics: layers cakes and charm packs and jelly rolls from The Fat Quarter Shop. I purchased these fabrics right after Bridget (Bridgee) “left us” on 22 August 2015.

I was in the lower floor of our rental home, looking amidst boxes of stored items for a potential box to house 3 vintage purses. And I found the very nice storage box that I’d filled with those gorgeous materials!

I put the purses in that box after I lovingly and joyously removed each “collection” of fabric and set them all on the dining room table. Dear Husband later came home from Work and saw the lovely Layer Cakes, Charm Packs, and Jelly Rolls. He said they are too fun, especially the edging, for me to dismantle to use for sewing.

Yes, they are adorably sweet, just like Bridget Louise, our Duchess. One day, however, I shall unroll the Jelly Rolls and unstack the Layer Cakes and Charm Packs to sew skirts and quilts — in our newly constructed Dream Home. My love of beautiful fabrics always runs counter to my need to make use of them, but the practical side of me nearly always wins out over the aesthetic side. In that way, I blend my useful dictate with the artistic impulse of creativity.

I then spent too long a time online looking for a new decorative storage box. There were not many from which to choose amidst the paltry pickings; none were worthy of my Baby Love. I finally decided to search for Gift Boxes, and I found a LOVE Box! Perfect size! The Baby Love fabrics have a new home!

And I am thanking the spirit of Bridget for guiding me through all of this discovery and wonderment. Tomorrow, the 22nd, is 4 years since she ascended to the Other Side. So much has happened since then and yet I feel her sweet soft determined presence with me still. I don’t cry but do get teary-eyed, as I am now, in the memory of her. Her spirit goes with me to our New House in less than a year, as do the spirit of Bootsie, and, yes, the spirit of Bonnie too.


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