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Calendar Bronco

9 December 2021

On Monday, 6 December, Mr. Milligan received — in the mail — the Official Bronco 2022 Calendar. The mailer box states:

Here’s to new adventures on the horizon.

And what a horizon that will be!

I can only conclude that a build-date is in the offing.

Yessiree, we do indeed have a scheduled build date: 24 January 2022.

Which is right around the corner from now!

Members of the online Bronco 6G Forums are part of the 500-Day-Club. Those not-so-rare and irate Ford customers have been waiting 500 days since they reserved their Broncos; and they still have not been notified by the Corporation of a build-date. In month-terms, 500 days equate to approximately 1 year and 5 months, the waiting duration that has transpired without a response.

It seems to me, there appear to be, in this U.S. of A, significant lag times occurring between certain foul deeds and retributive re-actions, unjust cause and unavoidable effect, undue force and stinging backlash — in parts and sectors of the American economy, and of the American body politic.

I was oot and aboot today; and I must say that the still partially locked-down state of California is beginning to feel the illness of the ill effects of the looney lockdowns of the past 500 days, give or take one month or two and the frantic flip of the toggle-switch economy. Everyone is busy, working hard, not a grumble to be heard. It’s not just the foggy holiday season here that’s creating a sense of industry and resolute purpose, along with a cheery wish for a Merry Christmas.

The resilience of the American, even of the Californian (at least the ones I know in Placer County), includes a can-do attitude that has shifted into the must-do sensibility. And what we each must do to reclaim our God-given liberties, that duty differs with each individual, here, there, everywhere within the fruited plain.

While driving, I had to turn off the Holiday Channel on the satellite radio. The stuff sounds like Yuletide-Muzak. I know how hard it must be to program sleigh bells ringing, 24/7, even when there is no snow or reindeer or even a sleigh in sight. The overall effect, though, is annoyingly boring from the seamless queuing up of never-heard-of-before, and never-to-be-heard-from-again choral groups and piano players who won’t offend anyone with overtly religious numbers — or those partisan-spiritual pieces of sacred music.

Even the very unfamiliar melodies by the mellow Perry Como sound bland. And the digital programmer picked the #1 song that I refuse to listen to, sung by anyone, but especially by Dean. His warm voice really melts that Marshmallow World into pure goo!

I’ll bet the individual Christmas music channels, such as Mannheim Steamroller, are steamrolling those frozen corporate satellite radio ratings.

Hopefully, I shall be enjoying the Noël next year with my Bronco radio, but I do not wish to jinx anything by placing a time frame on this Calendar Bronco. Four to six weeks are estimated for shipping of the rearing-to-go vehicle, once the construction phase has come to an end. Then the overland route will be by rail — from Michigan to California.

And, as we all know, just about anything can happen in Michigan, and in California, to wreak havoc on happiness, health, inner harmony, outer harmony, a productive economy, and the American way of living — in just the blink of an edict-eye. I’m guessing though that capitalism will prevail over socialism, even in this once-Golden State.

I didn’t hear this song on the radio today, or ever, anywhere, prior to the Christmas of 2018. I first heard this little, lovely, lilting tune as I watched the 1949 film, It Happened On Fifth Avenue. With lyrics and music by Harry Revel, this sweet ditty is “That’s What Christmas Means to Me.”

These selected lines ring truer for me this year than when I first heard them, a mere three years ago:

“I pray the Lord

to bless again

this land of liberty

with peace on earth

goodwill to men

That’s what Christmas means to me.”


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