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Home Notes - Introduction

Summer 2020

Welcome to Larkhaven During the course of designing and building The Milligan Dream Home, I decided to give it a name. It had been a work in progress for so long, it deserved at least a working title. And so I came up with Larkhaven. I even ordered a sign for the property, just in case I forgot that the Dream Home would, at last, one day become a reality!

Larkhaven is a state of mind as much as a piece of land with a house to improve upon that land. It is where the Westerns will finally consolidate into novels, much like concrete that has been waiting to be poured for that bridge to the future. This particular span in time has taken on the dimensions of the Pont de Scarassoui at Nice-Coni in THE DAWN. In Larkhaven, the Writer, and the Reader, are welcome to relax and read, about many topics that take a break from the hubbub of life. After all, a haven is such a world until itself, and the lark must have her haven.


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